1980’s Fashion – Most Popular Trends To Follow In 2022

The 80s fashion undoubtedly followed the most unique trends, tastes and styles


At a time when there were no social media influencers or fashion influencers, 80s fashion managed to get the world’s attention. 80s fashion was a phase full of different sorts of trends. Lets relive the best trends from the 80s fashion and you can even take inspirations from them now. 

Padded Shoulder Dress

The Shoulder Pads were undeniably the most in form trends in the 80s. A lot of designers starting making more of padded shoulder dresses. In reliance, puffed sleeves were designed to give a rather unique look. 

Rolled Up Sleeves On Leather Jackets

The most favourite trend of singers, rockstars and movie stars was the rolled up sleeves on a leather jacket. It was literally culture for these guys. Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson were big fans of the trend.


Power Suits

Power suits were made trendy by the movie actresses that played the roles of powerful and career devoted women. Concentratedly designed suits with a bit of shoulder padding imminently made a fashion statement in the 80s. Most said that power suits were the ideal look to represent powerful businesswomen. 

Preppy Styles

The 80s were not just about glamorous and dazzling clothes but comfortable and simple ones as well. Yet the designers somehow managed to made comfortable clothes stylish. 

Many big brands launched college styled attires, such as jackets, shirts and trousers with stripes. They rapidly created much hype about them. Brands like Polo, Lacoste and Calvin Klein were rather keen on getting the most out of this trend. 


Oversized Spectacles

The most stylish and iconic glasses from the 80s featured oversized, large frames alongside different coloured lenses. RayBan also released a number of oversized aviators in the 80s. Movie stars who had a bad eyesight also went for the oversized eyewear so it’s easier for them to wear  their glasses in public while looking rather fashionable.