What Should People Do Before, During, And After The Earthquake?

What Should People Do Before, During, And After The Earthquake?
What Should People Do Before, During, And After The Earthquake?


An earthquake is the low and violent shaking of the ground that is produced because of the sudden movement of rock materials that are below the earth’s surface. The Earthquake is arise in a tectonic plate boundary.  An earthquake is the result of quick movement along the faults that are within the earth. The quick movement frees the stored electric strain energy which is in the form of seismic waves. That seismic waves procreate the ground surface to shake.


Why the Earthquakes have happened?

Why the Earthquakes have happened

The reason earthquakes happen is that the Earth’s lithosphere didn’t move for a long time. But there are many cases in which the rock on each side of a fault slowly wraps more time due to tectonic forces. Earthquakes mostly happen when the underground rocks suddenly break and there is fast motion occurs.

The energy that is loose very rapidly can cause seismic waves which make the ground shake. When the earthquake happens or after that, the plates of the rocks are still moving unless they got stuck somewhere again. When the rocks break the first time then it is called the focus or the hypocenter of the earthquake. The place right above the focus is known as the earthquake’s epicenter.

Causes of Earthquakes:

Most Earthquakes happen in those regions that are located near the tectonic border plate. This has been clear for a while from early earthquake inventories and is even more different from modern deformation maps that contain instrumentally determined epicenters. The Circum-Pacific Belt which had an impact on many densely populated coastal locations across the Pacific Ocean is the most significant earthquake belt.


1. Natural Forces:

Natural Forces of earthquake

An earthquake happens because of the quick energy that is loose within a few limited areas of the rocks of the earth. That quick energy is loose by the elastic strain which is one of the most important causes of an earthquake. Because this is the only kind of energy which is stored in enough amount in the earth which produce large disturbances. The earthquake that came with this type of energy is known as a tectonic earthquake.

2. Tectonics Earthquakes:

Tectonics Earthquakes

This type of earthquake can explain with the help of theory. A theory which is written by American geologist Harry Reid and the name of theory Elastic rebound theory. The theory is written after the San Andreas Fault split in 1906 that generate the great San Francisco Earthquake.

The theory state that when the strains in rock masses have aggregated to the point where the resulting stress increases the strength of the rock and the quick fracturing result then a tectonic earthquake occurs. Those fractures bring about rapidly by the rock which tends in the same direction but sometimes exceeds too many kilometers along a local zone of weakness.


3. Volcanism:

Volcanism Earthquakes

An earthquake that is connected with volcanic activity and has a separate type is known as a volcanic earthquake. Therefore, in many cases, the disturbance is occur because of the quick movement of the rock masses that are close to the volcano and the subsequent loose of elastic strain energy. The heat is generated by the magma flowing in reserve beneath the volcano and the loss of under-pressure gas. However, it may result in the energy which is stored becoming part of hydrodynamic origin. 

Now, we would like to tell you how you can prepare your children and teach them about earthquakes. Because adult age people know how to save themselves but children don’t know their safety and preparation.

How to prepare your children for earthquakes?

How to prepare your children for earthquakes?

Following are the steps to save your children from the earthquake.

1. Teach your children about earthquakes:

Talk to your children about the earthquake and tell them in simple words according to their age. It means talk them in the kind of words which they get understand. Sit with your family and tell each other that if it happens our priority is safety for ourselves.

2. Tell your children about the safety place:

Tell your children about the safety place

First, analyze the safest spot in your home, and then discuss it with your family. Teach your children that if an earthquake comes they need to go to that place and save themselves. The place that you choose for hiding during an earthquake is the interior place like any room such as a washroom or any closet. Choose a place where there is no window if possible lay down under the table.

3. Do practicing:

After you create the plan and select the place, then now you have to execute that plan in the form of practice. You have to practice for the plan which you are creating. Because practicing is an important factor it will be helpful for children. They got to understand what you have to do in that

4. Search any childcare school:

Search any childcare school

Analyze whether there is any childcare school or any center which is located in your area. If yes then go to that center and ask for their plans. Ask about the programs they execute during the earthquake and after that implement those plans in your home. Also, identify whether there is any immediate pickup location available or not.

5. If your child is in the center:

If your child is in the center

In this case, if you got admitted your child to any type of childcare center then save the information about that center. Their phone numbers, addresses, and other information are safe in your phone and keep up to date with the center. Because whenever they changed the address or phone number you will get to know about it. In addition, ask them if an earthquake comes where you will your child on so that if it happens you will know where your child is and where to pick him or her up.

What you can do during an Earthquake?

1. Find any open spot near you:

1. Find any open spot near you:

If you are outside of your office or your home then find a clear and safe placer. A place that is away from buildings, trees, and power lines. Lay down on the ground and stay there until the shaking stops. 

2. If you are in your car:

If you are in your car

Stop the car in an open location wear your seatbelt and stay in the car until the shaking stops.

3. If you are in the house:

3. If you are in the house:

In that situation, when you feel an earthquake then lay down on the ground and take the cover of anything like a table or desk. Hold on below the table or desk until the shaking stops. After that now you need to hold a strong thing in your one arm and the second arm to protect your neck and head. If you don’t have any kind of thing which you choose for covers like table or desk then lay down next to the interior wall. Be there until you feel the earthquake stops and you are safe to exist.

What you can do after an earthquake?

1. Involve your children in the recovery process:

1. Involve your children in the recovery process:

After the earthquake happens engage your children in cleaning the mess in your house. So that your children will engage in any activity

2. Listen carefully to your children:

Listen carefully to your children:

Give your children to explain their feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety the feel during an earthquake. When you are listening to your children show some kind of understanding and provide relief. You need to tell your children that the situation is not permanent and provide them physical relief and spent time with them. In addition, if the fear in your children doesn’t finish then contact any professional consular for treatment.


The whole article contains the information that you need to know about the earthquake. I think it will help you to know what the causes of earthquakes are and how you save yourself and your children from earthquakes.

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