WhatsApp Introduces Audio Chat Feature In Their Latest Update

WhatsApp Introduce Audio Chat Feature In Their Latest Update


According to the reports, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature in their app that is audio chat will be playable by users only once. The audio chat will be available in the conservations of both users. And it is in the future update of the application on Android.

WhatsApp latest version

Thanks to the upcoming WhatsApp beta for Android users which is The update is available in the Play store and App store. We are now considering that the company is revealing a new feature which is called audio chats. It is available in your conservation as well.

WhatsApp Audio chat Feature:

There is a new waveform icon that is included in the chat header which allows the user to start an audio chat. Further, the user sees a red button if they want to end the ongoing calls according to reports. In addition, there are probable chances that the space above the chat header may be reserved for showing audio waveforms.

Limit of Group Audio and Video Call Members

It will provide an essential interface that allows users to see the audio waveforms during navigating between their conservations. Recently, the Company introduced a new feature for windows in which WhatsApp is load faster and it is design similar to the mobile version app. The app allows users to talk on a group video call with a maximum of 8 people and in the audio call, they can add 32 members to the conference.


According to the company, the limits of group video and audio calls will be increased from time to time so that the user will stay connected with co-workers, family, and friends. WhatsApp is one of the largest platforms that provide an end-to-end encrypted messaging experience. It will allow users to cross-platform communication between tablets, mobile phones, and computers.


One of the largest social media platforms WhatsApp is set to introduce a new feature which in which audio chat will be included in the conservation between two users. The user will play that audio only once. The update will come in the latest version of WhatsApp which is

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