6 Ways To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

Every child enjoys slime, but when it gets into the carpet, it can turn into a parent’s worst nightmare.


Slime time, thankfully, does not have to harm your carpet or rugs if they become victims of the goo. To save you time and stress, we’ve created a straightforward step-by-step guide on how to remove slime from carpet and rugs.

Are you ready to discover how to remove slime from carpet? Let’s get this party started.

6 Steps to Remove Slime from Carpet

Have you ever wondered how you could get slime out of carpet? Fortunately, it’s simpler than you think—you simply need to know how to remove slime from carpet.


Step 1: Using a paint scraper or knife, gently scrape extra slime off the carpet.
Begin at the edge of the slime pool and work your way in, scraping off as much loose slime as you can.

Step 2: Combine 2/3 cup distilled white vinegar and 1/3 cup warm water in a solution.
Because most slimes contain borax and glue, vinegar is required to break it down. Pour enough of this solution on the slime to completely cover the stain while not oversaturating the carpet. If the slime has dried on the carpet or appears to be deep inside the carpet fibers, leave the mixture to soak in for another 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Scrub the slime from the carpet with a scouring brush.
Apply enough pressure to get the slime to break up and fall off the carpet, but be careful not to damage the fibers.


Step 4: Pat the area dry with a clean, dry towel.
If there is still slime in your carpet, repeat the previous methods to remove it. Step 6 can be skipped if the slime has been entirely removed and no color remains.

Step 5 (Optional): If the slime has left a colored dye on your carpet, apply an OxyClean spot treatment solution.
Allow the solution to stand for 1-5 minutes before gently blotting it with a clean cloth to remove any leftover color.

Step 6: Vacuum the area once the carpet has dried.
This eliminates any remaining slime from the fibers and restores the appearance of your carpet.

Products and tools you’ll need to get slime out of carpet

  • While a butter knife from your kitchen drawer would suffice, we recommend a paint scraper because it has a larger surface area and is thus more successful at removing the slime from your carpet. Make sure that whatever instrument you choose is not sharp enough to damage your carpet.

  • When mixed with water, white distilled vinegar is an efficient remedy for eliminating slime from your carpet without affecting its texture or color.

  • Scrubbing brush: Make sure your scrubbing brush has a handle for easy grasp and plastic bristles rather than metal bristles. This allows the deep, dried-in slime pieces to come loose from the carpet without damaging it.
  • OxyClean spot treatment: This spot treatment is particularly successful at removing stains from carpet, including the colored dye left behind by slime, thanks to its oxygen-based, water-activated solution. Dissolve the powder in water and use a clean cloth to dab it onto the carpet. Simply wear gloves and perform a spot-check first.

  • Vacuum: Once you’ve removed as much slime as possible from the carpet, a final vacuum will extract any residue left inside the carpet’s deeper layers and restore its thick and rich appearance.

The bottom line for removing slime from carpet

Don’t be concerned about how to get slime out of carpet. Your carpet will be slime-free in no time if you follow six simple procedures and use a few common home products. Forget about pricey cleaning products or carpet-damaging instrument. All you need to remove slime from carpet is a mix of white vinegar and water, as well as a soft scrubbing brush and a clean cloth or towel. To remove difficult stains, such as colored dye from slime, mix OxyClean powder with water and dab until the color is erased.

Questions and Answers

How can you remove slime off carpet once it has dried?
Although dried slime is more difficult to remove, the techniques indicated above still apply. Using the scrubbing brush, work the vinegar and water solution deeper into the carpet. If the slime persists, simply repeat the procedure.

Is the procedure the same for removing slime from a floor rug?
Yes, the procedure for removing slime from carpet or a floor rug is the same. The vinegar and water solution is safe to use on floor rugs and will not harm the backing of the rug.