90s Theme Party Outfits

90s themed parties are becoming more and more popular now and people are running out of ideas as to what to wear. It must be said that 90s was the golden era of fashion and its hard to dress like the old times now but there are many options that you can follow. 


To get a more refined perspective, we suggest you start observing the attires of 90s’ actors, sportsmen or singers. Most of them were always dressed magnificently in that era. 


Hip Hop Outfit

As we are about to dive in the 90s era, we had no choice but to start off with the infamous Hip Hop outfits. Those bright oversized t-shirts, jackets and hoodies were to die for. Also I don’t know if you have noticed this before but everything was a bit big and bulky. 

90s Boyband Attire

Boybands were quite popular in the 90s and clothes they wore were even more popular. They made a fashion statement whenever people had a first glance. Backstreet Boys and East 17 are the prime examples. Wear one of your best t-shirt’s alongside baggy jeans and white sneakers. 


Chequered Patterns

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The chequered patterned shirts or some might even call them flannel patterned shirts were the thing of the 90s. Surprisingly, many people follow it nowadays as well. Get a large flannel shirt with jeans and sneakers underneath. 

Leather Jackets

We have seen men wearing leather jackets every now and then but did you know, it was more frequent in the 90s. Men wore them to look tough like bikers in the 90s. The trend was way too in at that time. Go for the typical biker leather jacket and it will work wonders for you. 



Bandana Tops

Many women transformed bandannas into tank tops in the 90s. Its not as tough as it looks. Just simply fold the bandanna diagonally and tie it from the back to your chest firmly. Although high-waisted jeans are a must with it. 

Typical Rich Girl School Outfits

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We all have probably seen at least one show in which there’s that rich girl from 90s rocking her everyday school look. I mean those outfits looked attractive and innocent at the same time. Just go for a high-waisted skirt (above the knees), a light coloured full sleeves shirt and finally a v-neck sweater or cardigan at top. Try styling your hair with a headband as well. 

Grunge Look

You might be unaware but in the 90s, the grunge looks were actually quite trendy. The ladies adopted this look every once in a while mainly for parties. Go for short skirts with a tight black t-shirt on top. Wear stockings underneath the skirt and a biker leather jacket above the t-shirt (optional). Wear black long boots as well. Maybe add a choker as well.