Abraham Lincoln Collinsworth’s Life

Abraham Lincoln Collinsworth served as the principal of Astronaut High School, Titusville, starting from 1972. He was undoubtedly the one of the most adored and respected principals of that time. 


Abraham Lincoln Collinsworth was born in Salyersville, Kentucky on February 12, 1936. Surprisingly, his date of birth is the same as the U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s. They both just don’t share a name, but birthdays as well. Abraham Lincoln’s parents used to call him Abe. He also had three siblings, two brothers and a sister. During his school life, Abe developed the love for basketball and started playing it more often. Currently, he stands all as the highest scorer in Kentucky’s entire high school history. 

Abe graduated from Kentucky High School, where he also used to play basketball. He went by the name of Lincoln in all formal places but at the University of Kentucky, his basketball coach (Adolph Rupp) referred to him as Abe. Abraham also helped the Kentucky Wildcats in order to  submit a win in the 1958 National Championship Final. 

Basketball Career

Abraham used to prefer the G position whilst playing basketball. He had a height of 6’3” and weighed 185lbs. His most important seasons throughout his lifetime were the seasons 1955-58. In the 1957-58 season, he played 15 games and registered 22 points. In all three seasons, he played 41 games and registered 61 points. 


Educational Career

After doing a teaching job in Ohio, Abraham decided to relocate elsewhere and moved to Brevard County, Florida. He had a terrific career in the educational department to say the least. He started off as teacher then went onto become a coach, counsellor, vice-principal, principal, assistant superintendent for personnel and at last, superintendent of Brevard County Schools. As already mentioned above that Abe became the principal of the Astronaut High School in 1972, he was assigned as the superintendent of the Brevard County School System in 1988. The latter came after he served as the assistant superintendent for personnel since 1977. He retired after a colossal career in 1994. 


Abraham Lincoln Collinsworth married his high school love, Donetta Browning. They both first met in the University of Kentucky and later went onto tie the knot. The couple then had two boys named Greg and Cris. Unfortunately, Greg passed away at an early age after being involved in an accident. 

What Was Abraham Lincoln Collinsworth’s Nickname?

Abraham was officially known as Lincoln in schools and all formal places but his parents used to call him Abe. The nickname was adopted by several once his basketball coach, Adolph Rupp, started calling him Abe