All The Old Knives Out Plot, Cast, And Characters

A talented cast is assembled for the spy thriller All the Old Knives on Amazon to play characters involved in a previous CIA mishap. All the Old Knives slowly reveal that no character is what they seem through flashbacks between ex-lovers and CIA agents Henry and Celia. The two talk about past case details. The events of the day that don’t add up, whether Celia helped the hijackers. And why she left Henry the following morning in a quiet restaurant.


The CIA agent Henry Pelham tasked with locating the insider from a Vienna crisis case eight years ago as the Amazon Prime Original movie opens. Then, in the fictional Flight 127 crisis, when a terrorist group hijacks a plane bound for Austria. All the Old Knives flashes back to the agents trying to figure out whether extremist Ilyas Shushani involved and, more urgently. How to save the people on board. When the CIA learns that one of their own has given the hijackers information, their plan goes awry. The chemistry between Henry and Celia at their meeting in the present is largely responsible for the tension in All the Old Knives. When the truth revealed at the end of All the Old Knives. The twists prove to satisfying in large part because of the actors’ performances.

All The Old Knives

Cast and Character Of All the Old Knives:

The cast and characters of All the Old Knives on Amazon Prime listed below.

  • The lead actor in the franchise, Chris Pine, plays Henry Pelham, a CIA case officer tasked with determining whether his ex-girlfriend Celia was Flight 127’s snitch. In connection with flight 127, Henry’s past turns out to be even more troubling. As he plays mind games with former CIA agents in the present. The Star Trek reboot movie series, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Wonder Woman, and Hell or High Water all featured Pine in a leading role.
  • Thandiwe Newton portrays Henry’s ex-girlfriend Celia Harrison, a former CIA agent who has since gotten married. And started a family in California. Celia must relive the intense, fateful day from eight years ago. When Henry tries to reveal her as Flight 127’s spy. Newton is well-known for her work on the HBO series Westworld, Mission: Impossible 2, and Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  • Bill Compton, played by Jonathan Pryce, was Celia’s supervisor and the second-in-command of the CIA. While in Vienna, he took on the role of a father to her. Henry spoke with Bill before visiting Celia and accused him of being Flight 127’s snitch. In his lengthy Hollywood career, Fishburne has had noteworthy roles in movies including Boyz n the Hood, Apocalypse Now, John Wick, and The Matrix.
  • Laurence Fishburne as Vick is the chief of the CIA unit addressing the Flight 127 case in Vienna. Vick sends Henry to meet with Celia in the present to discuss betraying the CIA. He even makes a threat to kill her if necessary. The Two Popes, Game of Thrones, and the Pirates of the Caribbean films all included Jonathan Pryce.
  • Orli Shuka as Ilyas Shushani, Henry’s former Russian contact and bread baker from Chechnya. However, Ilyas suspected by the CIA of organizing the attack on the aircraft. Shuka has made appearances in Joe All Alone, Save Me, and Gangs of London.