How To Buy Cheap Groceries in London? An Expat Shopping Guide

How Do Beginners Do Shopping For Groceries In London
Beginners Do Shopping For Groceries In London?


Most of the people that are living in London now don’t know how to do groceries. Because they are recently shifted from another country to London. Purchasing groceries is a separate thing and it is more than a necessary duty. So, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about the grocery stores in London. Further, told you how you can do grocery.


When you have to do food shopping you will be destroyed by the choice in the city. People who are budget friendly can visit like ALDI store which is available in London. The store is also fit for the need of users and customers and personalities. But the choice of people in supermarkets is still seen as a class indicator in Britain.  Yes, you are right and the social class system is still alive and very well in Britain.

The major difference between the London food shops is the product range and the price. The most surprising thing is that the quality of goods and products are pretty consistent all over the market.

The very first thing you want to know about London Grocery is that they are also called supermarkets in the United Kingdom. It is impossible that some British is saying “I am going grocery shopping. You always hear that “I am going to do weekly shopping” in the supermarkets. 


However, you always hear the words from the British that say “Grocer”. The Grocers are the small shops that are independent and they sell perishable foods in the market. If you go to the grocery store you always find there are multiple characteristic bins of produce. Which are outside the entrance of the store.

What are 4 Big Supermarkets in London?

There are 4 Big Supermarkets in London which we will discuss here.

Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, and Asda.


As I mentioned above that the big difference between the supermarket chain is product range and price. According to that Waitrose is the most expensive store as compared to the other 3 grocery stores. There is a possibility that Asda and Tesco are the same. But the report of recent price comparison proves that the statement is wrong.


Tesco Grocery Store in London

Tesco is the largest grocery store in London with 30% of the convenience of stock market share. You will find the brand and encounter it in your neighborhood when you know about the difference between Tesco Grocery stores and Small Tesco Express shops in London.

According to the people of London, there is no major big difference between Tesco and Sainsbury’s because the product and prices are particularly the same for these two brands. While most people say that Sainsbury is a higher-end market.

If you have both Sainsbury and Tesco available near your house and you have to select one. I don’t think you will find one but you will choose the store which is near to you.

There is a Tesco Club card which is available in the free loyalty program. Through these Club Cards, you will earn points. If you spent £1 in the store you will get one point. There are also multiple methods to earn points Tesco bank account, Tesco Mobile, and Tesco Credit Cards. The points which you earn will convert into the form of vouchers which you will use for the bills and discounts in another retail shop.



The brand is also known as Britain’s Poshest Grocery store. On Waitrose, you can go for celery juice shopping which is for children, and also avocado toast instead of sweets.

A brand is a good place where you can purchase organic produce which is ethically produced meats and plant base foods. Instead of the fact that the British people love to create fun of the stores and their patrons. You need to look at the Twitter account Waitrose. 

The other supermarkets can carry fairly same brands and you will find difficult items and products on the shelves of Waitrose. This is because the Company promises that it will produce a product that is made of organic ingredients and ethical farming methods. That is the reason why Waitrose is the most expensive brand of supermarket in London. 



The brand is founded in London in the mid-1800s and it started as a small dairy shop which is now become the largest supermarket in London. Sainsbury is known as a mid-range grocery store that is failing between Waitrose and Tesco in price and product. Their commitment is to provide sustainable farming and also help customers live well for less which means a great selection of organic and legally sourced.

You can also buy multiple things from Sainsbury such as grass-fed beef and organic ketchup which don’t have an extensive selection like Waitrose. However, they are budget-friendly and care for their loyal customers.

While the brand is also part of the great and free loyalty program which is called Nectar. Whenever you spent £1 you will one point and there are also weekly offers from the brand. Those weekly offers are based on the things you buy and it is easy to pick up those points and use them to get money in your grocery bills


Asda Grocery store in London

Asda was established in the Northern England site and didn’t be able to open the first London location since the 1980s. It has the largest market share from Sainsbury but you can’t find many shops in Asda near your home. If you live near Asda then you are being able to save your bills and money because the brand prices are cheap and affordable.

Asda ends up with their beloved price guarantee program in 2018 in which they tell that their brands are cheaper than Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Similar to Tesco and Waitrose, Asda also had a vast range of non-food items. Unfortunately, the Asda brand doesn’t have a loyalty card and if you have a money cashback credit card from Asda you will earn a 1% cashback return on Asda groceries.


These are the four famous brands of groceries that are available in London where you can go and do monthly shopping for groceries. Many people don’t know about the grocery stores in London so this article is important for this kind of people.

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