Best Dividend Stocks To Buy For 2022

There’s no shying away from the fact that the stock market has had a pretty rough 2022 so far. There’s little to no economic growth and this factor is continuously poking the investors. Kings of the stock market such as the Technology sector, are not delivering at the level they used to. 


Nonetheless, economists are convinced that some stocks might pay back in abundance right now. They are urging investors to refrain from leaving the market as there’s still room for improvement. A way to resolve the stock crisis is to invest in a dividend-paying company. The below-mentioned companies will guarantee a dividend with a 3% yield alongside a reasonable 2023. 

Shell PLC

Shell has certainly made peace with the rising prices of energy reserves and this has led them to an absolute monstrous position in the market. So far, the company has been able to pile up $13.7 billion in free cash flow, which is the double as to what they had in 2021. Up till now, Shell has payed almost $7 billion to shareholders and investors as dividends. Shell’s stock is indicating towards a 3.6% dividend yield.

Citigroup Inc.

Undoubtedly, Citigroup is America’s biggest bank. Citigroup is a globally renowned financial hub that has made its mark through retail banking and investment banking. On top of all, Citigroup has managed to become a dividend stock since the start of 2022.


Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. invested $55 million in the form of shares in Citigroup. This investment was made earlier this year and it subsequently shows that Warren Buffett is closely monitoring the bank’s financial overhaul. Citigroup now offers a 4.1% dividend yield. 

Life Storage Inc. 

Inflation surely does good to the real estate industry and this statement can fit the description of Life Storage’s current turnaround. Although storage units are rented out on a month-by-month basis self-storage owners hold the power to incline prices according to the economic situation.

These businesses also don’t require the need to hold any sort of staff so inflation can’t affect them from a labor point of view. Just the previous month, Life Storage announced how pleased they are with the progress they are making and have managed to grow by 14% up till now. This has allowed Life Storage to increase its dividend yield to 3.3%. 


Verizon Communications Inc.

Telecommunication sectors are usually better off investing in rather than any other sector if seeking a high-dividend stock. Although it must be mentioned that after AT&T’s horrific dividend outing last year, many investors have swayed away. The same cannot be said for Verizon as they didn’t take any significant amount of money as in debt. Verizon has seen decent revenue growth and they are currently offering a 5.9% dividend yield. 

VF Corp. 

VF is a renowned clothing and footwear company that owns other brands like Vans, The North Face, and Timberland. The company has surprisingly been able to increase its dividend for almost 25 years. That’s abnormal for a company operating in an industry that can eat others alive.

VF mainly made all that possible since it acquired brands like Vans or The North Face. Although they have faced several lows this year on the front of the stock. Many investors got scared thinking that consumer spending might change. But VF will hang in there because their diversified options can easily come to their rescue. VF currently offers a 4.6% dividend yield.