Best Games To Play On FaceTime

Luckily, you can easily make your FaceTime calls interesting by opting to play some fun games. Whether you’re talking to a new friend or reconnecting with someone, these games will come in handy. Not only your friends but you can enjoy these games with your family members and better half. Similarly, you can play these games on Zoom as well. These platforms have made it easier to enjoy a good time on call via the introduction of games. 


Sometimes, playing games is a proved way to start off a conversation and build a bond. You can learn more about each other, connect with them on a difficult level and even get closer to your loved ones. 

Following is a list of games you can play whilst on call on either FaceTime or Zoom. 

The Most Fun Games To Play On FaceTime

Charades FaceTime Game

Charades is one of the most old games in the world. It has been passed on from generation to generation. In essence to its existence, Charades is loved by millions of people around the world. Due to its flexibility, people have developed great fondness for it. You need no supplies or components to play Charades. All you need is quick thinking and some mild investments of your creativity. It can be easily played on FaceTime or Zoom. 


Pictionary FaceTime Game

Pictionary is another long lasting classic game that requires no extra intelligence to interpret. Its easy to understand and can be played at any given time with others. You might need to harness your creativity whilst thinking of something to draw but you don’t have to be a Da Vinci-esque artist to play this game. You just have to draw something to an extent where you can easily deliver your idea to the other person. 

Truth Or Dare FaceTime Game

This game is the best there is when you’re trying to know someone better. Now it may be on a personal or intimate level, but you can ask them anything in accordance to the paradigm of Truth and Dare. Now either way they’ll have to share something personal with you but be cautious whilst giving other dares. When it’s your turn, the dare you gave to the other person might come back to haunt you. 


Never Have I Ever FaceTime Game

Never Have I Ever is a sort of game the elevates the standards of Truth or Dare. Its the most simple and fun game to play when trying to learn things about the one you’re playing with. You get a surprise factor with this game as you might get amazed at the things someone has to tell you. 

Would You Rather FaceTime Game

If you’re looking to find a good laughing session with others then playing Would You Rather is the best way to do so. You can pose your questions in any certain direction according to your liking and you can also give them a humorous end. FaceTime calls will never feel so enjoyable with this game