Best iPad Car Mount Options

Road trips look so much fun but they can turn out really boring sometimes. Filling your car with various entertainment options is a must whilst going out on a long drive. It can easily eliminate the cries of the children and adults sitting in the car. A recommended way to amp up your entertainment centre at the back is through an iPad mount. 


If you have children, you might have some sort of tablet as well. Installation of an iPad holder is a must in such scenarios. Some studies also claim that around 70% of children actively adopt the usage of tablets. 

You might be thinking by now that an iPad mount must cost you highly. Well no, they are not that costly and some of them have the finest quality. They can also easily get installed in your car as well alongside baring the sometimes dangerous usage by kids. We are enlisting some of the best iPad mounts down below in order to get you started on making the best out of your long drives and road trips. 

iKross Tablet Mount Kit

  • Allows 360 degrees of rotation 
  • Accommodation available for various screen sizes between 4 to 10 inches
  • Easily adjustable
  • Compatibility available with numerous tablets
  • Secure mounts that are highly configurable 

ARKON TAB-FSM Tablet Mount

  • Specialises in mounting iPad’s
  • Recommended by professionals who need devices immediately for work
  • 18 inch gooseneck and swivel ball system that comforts the viewer
  • Button access also available to control the tablet enjoined within
  • Tablets from sizes of 7 to 18.5 inches fit easily

TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount

  • Tablets ranging from 7 to 11 inches fit easily
  • Decent and graceful look
  • Less complaints and more satisfied customers 


  • Telescopic strut which allows you to position it to your preferred position 
  • Easy to interpret ball and socket system
  • 360 degrees rotation also available 
  • Tablets ranging from 4 to 10 inches fit easily
  • Also comes with a stabiliser that keeps the tablet at the preferred position 

Which Tablet Is Best For The Car?

Everybody wants their car to be filled with entertainment features in case of a long drive or road trip. As a result, many people adopt the usage of tablets in the car. However, people have been facing hurdles whilst deciding the best tablet for the car usage. 


So in order to get you folks some ease of mind, we have made a list of some of the best tablets that can be used in the car. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 – $259
  • Apple iPad Mini – $499 (64GB)
  • Apple iPad Pro – $799 (128GB)
  • Fire HD 8 – $155