Best Moving Companies of 2022

The key to a good move is transferring your belongings from one location to another safely and affordably. Finding the best professional mover for your needs can be really beneficial. Sample rates, services, and availability for top movers are included in our guide to the Best Moving Companies of 2022.


JK Moving and Bellhop rank first and second, respectively, in our rating. All of the companies in the middle of our ranking, Allied Van Lines, North American Van Lines, Worldwide Van Lines, and then American Van Lines, provide international service.

College Hunks Hauling Junk, PODS, and 1-800-PACK-RAT are examples of two-in-one movers on our list. These businesses specialize in portable storage, rubbish disposal, and relocation.

There are numerous options available when it comes to moving. Continue reading to learn more about the Best Moving Companies of 2022 and also how to choose the best one for you.


Best Moving Companies

JK Moving

JK Moving: Based in the Washington, D.C. metro region, JK Moving ranks first in our list of the Best Moving Companies of 2022. It handles interstate, long-distance, and worldwide household and commercial transfers. JK Moving can help you with local moves if you live in D.C., Virginia, or Maryland. JK Moving is the most expensive of the moving businesses in our ratings. It does, however, provide customers with access to moving materials, auto shipping, and overseas relocation.


Bellhop Moving ranks second in our list of the Best Moving Companies in 2022. The organization provides home, long-distance, and interstate moving services, as well as commercial moves. It promotes its technology-based scheduling and tracking capabilities, as well as the usage of an app to keep consumers informed. On its website, it also offers city guides. Other services include loading and unloading, as well as storage, but not car transporting. Bellhop doesn’t provide many discounts, and while the sample rates we gathered aren’t the most expensive in our assessment, they’re still quite high.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines: Allied Van Lines is ranked third on our list of the Best Moving Companies of 2022. It is present in 45 countries and provides residential, commercial, military, and federal relocation services. The Allied website has built-in features such as calculators to assist you to estimate the cost of your move, whether it is local or international. It has multiple locations around North America and handles a big fleet of vehicles and drivers. Automobile transport and full-service moving are also available, which means that the company’s moving pros will pack and unpack your possessions. Allied, in collaboration with the Salvation Army, can assist you with decluttering your home prior to your move by giving your unwanted items to charity.


North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines is also ranked third in our list of the Best Moving Companies in 2022. The company has been in business for about 90 years. In order to remain competitive, it improved its tracking capabilities by using satellites to track client shipments. North America handles local, national, and international residential and corporate transfers. Storage, loading and unloading, installation, and cleaning services are also available. The website provides moving calculators, checklists, and moving recommendations.

International Van Lines

International Van Lines (IVL): While International Van Lines (IVL) specializes in international relocation, it also handles local and national moves. It covers car shipments, government, and military relocations, and corporate relocations. The company provides a virtual service that allows consumers to record a walkthrough of their home and send it to IVL using their cell phones. After receiving the information, the company will send a price. Customers can pack their own belongings or use IVL’s full service, which includes packing, storage, and cleaning if necessary.

American Van Lines

American Van Lines is ranked sixth in our Best Moving Companies of 2022 ranking. It provides moving services on a local, interstate, and international scale. However, Hawaii and Alaska are not among the locations served. Customers can perform their own packaging or employ American’s full service. The organization provides specific or sensitive item storage solutions. It includes qualified antique movers and piano moving specialists, for example. America is well-known for offering discounts to active military personnel, handicapped veterans, and older citizens. It also features a moving cost webpage with exclusive offers for specific areas throughout the United States.

College Hunks Hauling Junk

Hunks in College College Hunks Hauling Junk Hauling Junk offers junk removal as well as moving services. It provides local and long-distance household moving services, as well as college dorm and office relocations. Packing, unpacking, storage, furniture placement, and hourly labor for a variety of duties are examples of related moving services. Senior moving services are available from College Hunks for people who are downsizing to a smaller home or relocating into an assisted living facility or retirement community. It provides rubbish removal services to assist you before or after a move or whenever you need to remove items from your house or office. The company also offers recycling services and philanthropic donations. College Hunks is available in 38 states in the United States, as well as the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and Ontario.


PODS is a storage and moving company that does it all. It provides a variety of storage alternatives, including portable containers of various sizes that may be brought to your home or business and retained on-site, transferred to a new location, or transferred to one of the company’s interior storage places. PODS provides local and long-distance household moving services, as well as a specific option for navigating huge cities. Additional services include packaging, unpacking, and third-party automotive shipping. The PODS website includes a moving checklist and a calculator. However, PODS doesn’t offer an app to follow your move, unlike some other moving businesses.


1-800-PACK-RAT: 1-800-PACK-RAT is a moving company that provides packing and unpacking services as well as long-term storage. When you schedule your move, the business will bring a portable storage container rather than a traditional moving truck for you to stuff yourself. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want to ensure that everything is packed according to their specifications. At its facilities around the United States, 1-800-PACK-RAT provides local, long-distance, and commercial relocation, as well as storage solutions. Military service members, teachers, first responders, seniors, and medical professionals receive discounts, making it an inexpensive option. However, the company does not currently have sites in 18 states and does not provide worldwide shipping.

Best Long-Distance Moving Companies

Most organizations regard a move of more than 400 miles to be long-distance, while activities of 50 to 100 miles or less are considered local. Every organization on our list of the Best Moving Companies of 2022 provides long-distance moving services.

A long-distance move that occurs within one state may not be deemed an interstate move. Prior to scheduling, confirm with your moving company the distance they can move and understand the difference between local, long-haul, and interstate moves.

Best Interstate Moving Companies

An interstate move is a relocation from one state to another. However, it may not be classified as a long-distance move if the new location is close to the original and less than 50 to 100 miles away.

Be sure to check with the moving company to know which pricing model applies to your specific move. You’ll want to make sure the company is allowed to perform the type of move you need. Also, check which levels of insurance are available. All the companies in our rating of the Best Moving Companies of 2022 offer interstate moving services.

What Should You Look for in a Moving Company?

Look for a company that has been in operation for at least three to four years. There’s a better chance it has a strong reputation and the essential experience to do an excellent job with your move, providing speed and efficiency as well as quality.

Reliability. You can examine a moving company’s registration history with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in addition to reading reviews (FMCSA).

Price. Don’t simply choose the lowest company because you don’t want one that will cut corners or damage or lose your goods. At the same time, a high price does not guarantee outstanding service, so don’t overpay for a mover who fulfills your criteria and has a good reputation. Also, make certain that the company’s fees are clearly stated, including any additional charges for packing, moving large objects, or other services. Get estimates from at least three companies to compare, and make sure you understand what each estimate includes.

Any mover you hire should be licensed and insured. All of our Best Moving Companies of 2022, for example, are registered with the FMCSA because they transfer products over state boundaries. (You can check the website of the agency to discover if a mover is registered and insured.) If you are relocating inside a state, ensure that the company is officially registered with the state government. Look for membership in the American Mover and Storage Association, an industry organization that promotes safety and accountability.

Make sure the company offers the services you need. For example:

  • Do you need to relocate a really challenging item, such as a piano?
  • Do you require more packing materials?
  • Is the company’s fleet large enough to transport your belongings?
  • Do you want a mobile app to track your belongings while you’re on the move?
  • Will you require short-term storage?
  • Is there a moving window available that fits your schedule?

Before you sign up, ask a customer service agent these and other questions.

“Make sure the company clearly spells out its rates, including any additional charges for packing, moving heavy items, or other services.”

How Much Does a Moving Company Cost?

According to, the cost of a move varies greatly depending on individual circumstances but averages around $1,250. According to our data, a 1,000-mile long-distance move costs roughly $5,000, while the overall price varies greatly depending on where you’re moving and how many possessions you have. Our estimates are based on relocating a two- to a three-bedroom home with belongings weighing approximately 7,500 pounds.

A relocation calculator online might help you get a ballpark figure. It will inquire as to where you are relocating from and to, the number of bedrooms in your existing residence, the packing services you will require, and your move date. Based on your information, top national movers will provide a preliminary, non-binding estimate.