Best Paying Jobs In Technology

Technology is undoubtedly a rapidly growing industry and people working in this industry are getting valuable benefits. Having a job in a technological industry guarantees one many perks and a significant high salary is one of them. Besides the financial benefit, there’s a lot to explore as well. Also, you can have a successful career in the tech industry in many various fields. 


So to guide you briefly, we have piled up the list of the best paying jobs in the technology sector. 

Data Scientist

Data science is the most high paying job in the technology sector. Subsequently, the demand for data scientists is growing by a staggering 29%. To further put this into perspective, 344% since 2013. 

A data scientists job is to interpret and analyse intricate data for companies. When they understand the complex data, they help firms make risk-free, quick and well organised decisions. The annual salary of a data scientist can reach up to $150,000 easily, making it the most high paying job in 2022. 


Big Data Engineer

Did you know that internet users generate at least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. Businesses are head over heels for data engineers to get certain insights from such humongous data. According to a study, over 97% businesses are continuously investing in big data engineers to get their operations right. 

There’s another byproduct of a big data handler, a Big Data Architect. Their job is to plan, design and then oversee the whole lifecycle of development and execution of any largely based  Big Data application. A big data engineer can earn up to $140,000. 

Blockchain Engineer

A blockchain engineer is basically responsible for designing and overseeing an entire project based on blockchain. Demands for a blockchain engineer have been increasing immensely as of late and more companies will be looking to invest in them in the foreseeable future. The world is expected to invest more than $15 billion in blockchain experts, a study claims. 


A blockchain engineer should know their way around efficient programming, R3, Ethereum, Riople and Bitcoin technologies. The estimated average annual salary of a blockchain engineer should be around $150,000. 

Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions 

An IoT solutions expert can be paid heftily if you look into the centre of it. They are responsible for strategy behind how IoT solutions are built and put into use. If you want to be an in-demand IoT solutions expert, you have to excel in programming and Machine Learning. Building particular sorts of hardwares is also a part of their job description. 

They get paid an average annual salary of $130,000. 

Full-Stack Developer

Developers are the most in-demand people in the technological industry. By 2023, there might be around 27.7 million developers present in the world subsequently making it one of the highest paid jobs in the I.T industry. A full-stack developer is someone who has complete knowledge over each section of developing. From its planning to its completion. 

A full-stack developer gets paid an average annual salary of $106,000.