Best Popcorn Time Alternatives In August 2022

Streaming shows and movies online is a challenging task when you want to watch them for free. We have come up with a list of platforms to get you out of trouble. 


Popcorn Time is a platform that allows you to stream movies and videos for free. People find it quite convenient as its available on every platform such as iOS, Windows and Android. Although it doesn’t ask you to pay a single penny but there can be some risks. Its not an entirely legal platform. Well some countries have even banned Popcorn Time. 

The best way to still watch your favourite movies without having to pay any money is to look for Popcorn Time’s alternatives. Following is a list of effective streaming platforms similar to Popcorn Time. 


If you’re looking to download movies and shows, CouchPotato is your best bet. You can search for your favourite content through their search engine and download them simply. If you’re more interested in watching content online, you can watch it on their site before downloading it. Although you might need a very high-speed internet connection for that. However, its only available on macOS and Windows. 



Zona is the exact doppelgänger of Popcorn Time. Its a Russian based platform that displays similar content to Popcorn Time. Zona also provides you with a customisation feature which allows you to customise its interface according to your easement. Its absolutely free as well. Perhaps the only drawback of Zona is that it’s only available on Windows. 


Well I must mention that DuckieTV is the best free streaming platform out there. It’s best for people who are looking to watch shows and seasons. It also allows you to download shows alongside streaming them online. Although beware and use a VPN before downloading anything. Its a website so it can operate on any platform. 


Kodi has earned a lot of respect in a very short amount of time. Its a brilliant streaming platform that allows you to stream shows and movies through the internet. Although its best to use a VPN whenever operating Kodi. Its also available on every platform. However it must be said that its popularity has attracted several government agencies.