Best SUVs With 3 Rows For 2022

SUVs have faced a massive surge in the past 10 years. Most families in the U.S. opt for a three-row SUV that can cater to their kids. Long-distance trips are also made easier with such SUVs. 


Families do a lot of groceries and to put all those bags in the car after shopping, you need ample space. SUVs also come to your aid in this regard. The list below contains the best SUVs from this year and last year combined. 

Kia Telluride – 2021

Telluride has been Kia’s biggest SUV to date. To enter such a stage in their operations, they had to ensure maximum comfort to the users. Telluride is a great family car and probably your best bet for a three-row SUV. The interior is open and comfortable accompanied by a great design. Although some people might sway away from the starting price as it lies under $45k. 

Volkswagen Atlas – 2022

The Atlas has probably been the best SUV of the year so far. It offers a full adult-passenger-sized third row, unlike most SUVs. For parents that are looking for significant space for their kids at the back, Volkswagen’s Atlas is the best match.


It breaks all boundaries in terms of space and capability. The price value is decent for such an artistic automobile. The Atlas offers around 33 inches of legroom in the third row which has left the competitors vulnerable as well. The interior is spacious as well. 

Hyundai Palisade – 2021

Hyundai’s Palisade matches the exact description of a modern three-row SUV. However, it must be mentioned that the Palisade is closely related to Kia’s Telluride but some features differ. It can be easily said about Palisade that it’s a high-quality SUV for modern families.

The price is valued decently as well, under $40k. Alongside a great body, the Palisade also features a standard all-wheel drive. The features also include Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay. The third row also features ample legroom estimated at a minimum of 32 inches. All in all, the Palisade can be described as Cruiser at the end of the day. 


Acura MDX – 2022

Acura’s MDX fills the description for a luxurious SUV. The interior can be stated as a bit sporty but it gets highly underrated at times. MDX is a modern-day SUV that features many great technological advantages.

You can also enjoy the second row’s center seat removal feature to straighten up your legs from the third row. The MDX also provides the Wireless Apple CarPlay alongside Android Auto. At last, it can be easily said that MDX is a performance-oriented car. 

Honda Pilot – 2021

The Pilot mainly remains unchanged by Honda for the year 2021. Although Honda made their brilliant smooth-shifting nine-speed transmission standard across the variants. Not only this but the all-wheel drive feature has also now been made standard by Honda.

It’s an overall great family car but families that live in snowy regions can get the most out of Honda Pilot. It has specific driving modes that fight any sort of inconvenient weather. The Pilot has also excelled in the fuel efficiency department giving a mileage of 20 in the city and 27 on the highways.

The rows are also quite spacious compared to some other SUVs manufactured by Honda. The ample storage system also makes family long drives easier. You can also avail of the Honda Pilot under the price of $40k.