Best Things To Do In San Francisco

San Francisco is often defined as Los Angeles’ more decorated northern brother. San Francisco takes the tense city life and amalgamates it with the quintessential southern side to form a perfect city. There’s certainly a lot to discover in San Francisco and peoples lifestyles there. 


Apart from being an amazing city, San Francisco also offers values for tourists. Citizens are die hard fans as well. However, in down below are enlisted the best places to visit and things to do whenever in San Francisco. 

Golden Gate Bridge

Its needless to say that the Golden Gate Bridge is a must whilst visiting San Francisco. Its situated near the San Francisco Bay, subsequently making it one of the most alluring places on the West Coast. The bridge is also quite popular among tourists and citizens. There are many great spots to snap a picture on the bridge but we recommend the Golden Gate Bridge Vista point. Its situated on the summit of a hill, sweetly overlooking San Francisco. 

California Academy Of Sciences

The most perfect place for families to visit in San Francisco is the California Academy of Sciences. Rightfully so, the place exudes creativity. Its filled with a planetarium, aquarium and a natural history museum. Brace yourselves, a rainforest is also included in the package. The Steinhart Aquarium gives home to almost 40,000 animals which represent 900 different species and breeds. On the other hand, the Osher Rainforest consists of around 1,600 animals. 


Baker Beach

It must be mentioned that San Francisco is not known for having an awful lot of beaches but the Baker Beach is considered one of the most exquisite beaches in California. Located in the Presido, Baker Beach is widely renowned for the magnificent views of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can also host picnics on the sands but swimming in the water is not recommended. That is due to the strong waves. Although taking the best picture in the world will be a piece of cake here. 

Union Square

Based a couple blocks northwards of the city’s Financial District, Union Square is widely loved for the energy and charismatic aura it holds. Its definitely the go-to downtown location of San Francisco and is loved by many travellers and locals. Its surrounded by massive skyscrapers and busy streets, giving visitors the pleasure to sit in the middle and enjoy the ambience. You can also see some palm trees and little traces of grass, giving you the feel that you’re sitting in a garden. The local and international eateries are available in abundance at the Union Square. 


Visiting the Golden Gate is essential but did you know that some people tend to debate the same about the Alcatraz. 2.6 miles away from the city centre, Alcatraz is situated on a minute rocky island in the middle of San Francisco Bay. As you must have guessed by now, it also holds a rich history. In the past times, it was known for being a federal prison that hosted one of the most dangerous offenders of all America. If we dwell more back, it was a designated prison for the prisoners of Civil War and Spanish-American War.