Book Review of The Setup By Dan Bilzerian

What Is The Setup’s Meaning?

No, it isn’t a set-up where Dan was being followed by the FBI in a black van as part of a criminal investigation gone wrong. However, that would have also made for a fantastic read. The “setup” entails manipulating the surroundings to your advantage to achieve better results with less work. You can see how he employs the “setup” in his book to gain the upper hand and eventually transform from a typical shy boy to an international multi-millionaire jet-setting playboy without getting caught.


The Cause Of Dan Bilzerian’s Pain And His Childhood

Contrary to popular belief, Dan bullied as a child because he was a quiet, reticent, and more introverted type. He had issues with ladies as a child and found it difficult to express his feelings for them or talk to them. He wasn’t the cool, outgoing guy we all thought he was that all the females in school were after. The fact that Dan’s father convicted of a white-collar crime while he was a child and rose to the status of a laughing stock in his neighborhood only served to fuel the fire. Dan’s parents prohibited their children from hanging out with him because they believed his family must have a history of “criminal” behavior.

Dan developed a chip on his shoulder as a result of his difficulties with women and his social exclusion, which led him to spend the majority of his life trying to convince people that he is “enough” for them and the world. Because following the rules didn’t benefit Dan in his younger years, he refused to do so. He had to come up with fresh approaches to problems and think outside the box. All to mock those who questioned him. Without telling them, he loved to demonstrate to others his superior abilities. Dan enjoyed letting kids discover it on their own. He held off telling you right away. He understood that the impact would be greater if you learned on your own.

Enter The Performance-enhancing Drugs And The Navy Seal BUDs Class

In the setup, the age of 18, this motivated Dan to want to join the Navy Seals as the ultimate “one-up” against others who had a difficult time in his life. To prove to others that he is a badass and that he can achieve what very few men can, thin Dan puts a lot of effort into becoming a Navy Seal. that he suffices. that he is deserving. That person shouldn’t have early reservations about him, but mainly so he can get laid.

Book Review of The Setup by Dan Bilzerian

Dan would travel to Tijuana, Mexico by car from San Diego, California to obtain steroids and other substances to improve his capacity for training. He thought it was okay because others were doing it behind closed doors. You’ll see that Dan frequently employs strategies to manipulate the situation in his favor while preserving his competitive edge. Drugs that improve performance are one of them.

A senior Seal asked him why he wanted to be a Seal, and he responded that he just wanted to be able to say that he was one. He also frequently thought about how others would view him and how it might help him find love. Honor, duty, fighting for one’s nation, and preserving freedom were not the terms he used. I will say that you should respect his candor since, although it’s probably on every SEAL’s mind, very few would say it instead of merely responding with the same tired patriotic words.

Dan’s Navy Seal Training

Concerning what happened with Dan’s Navy Seal training and whether he ever became a SEAL, there is a great deal of disagreement. Is he inventing this to sound hip? People don’t believe him, but he explains the truth and gets many SEALs and police officers who took his BUDs classes to describe what Dan was like in the classroom. Dan is aware that being in the military requires strict adherence to orders. Not challenging authority, not exercising your right to give your perspective, just blindly obeying commands, regardless of whether you believe they are the best way to proceed. Dan would have been a valued SEAL among his equal teammates as a result, but he would have constantly run into trouble with officers.


In addition to the comradery and brotherhood, I’m sure he would have appreciated, Dan would have likely always treated terribly by SEAL leadership, which would have made him dislike his time in the teams. In the years between 2001 and 2016, Dan’s unit would have likely performed numerous tours in Iraq or Afghanistan as part of the War on Terror, which would have severely taxed his mental, physical, and spiritual health. At the absolute least, he would have gone home a very different Dan with severe PTSD. If he haven’t killed in battle or seriously maimed with a lost limb. Without a doubt, Dan as we know him now would not exist.