Business Ideas For Teenagers

Teenagers today have numerous platforms, technological equipment and resources to start a new business. 


Its not necessary for you to be a tech genius to construct your own website and similarly you don’t need to acquire a full marketing team to promote your business. The balance in the tech department has allowed many teenagers to become financially stable in the last 7-8 years. So here’s a list of 4 business ideas teens opt for regardless of their tech brilliance or experience. 


As a teenager, starting up a tutoring business is quite easy. You’re already in a high school so you’re also familiar with the inside game of teachers. Also if you have a firm grasp on some subjects, why don’t make the most out of it? Also if you’re tutoring a technical or hard subject, it will make your college résumé more impressive. This business also doesn’t have any startup costs. You don’t need a hefty investment plan in order to start this venture. Also every student in todays world is in need for a good tutor, so you’ll always be in demand. 

Social Media Handler

Every teenager is a bit of social media freak now. Starting up a Social Media consulting business would definitely put your skills to test. Businesses look for younger people, preferably teenagers, to run their social media handles. Although if you take some online courses and further cement your position in this field, you’ll be able to start your own Social Media Consulting company in the matter of days. Once you start earning decently per month, you can hire people which will free you of all the work and you’ll just have to manage them. 


Content Writing

If you’re already good at writing long texts, which most teens are, you should try taking it to the next level. There are also some people who just like writing and want to pursue it as a career in the journalism department. Before becoming a journalist, try making some extra cash every week. Thousands of websites, blogs and magazines are looking for freelance writers. They’re also looking to pay nicely. Create your profile on Fiverr or LinkedIn and you’ll start getting proposals from different companies. 

Graphic Designer

If you’re gifted with a little extra tech knowledge, then you should definitely try graphic designing. Some high schools even offer classes on graphic designing. Lots of surveys have also pointed out that teenagers are always most likely to opt for a graphic designing business. As long as you have your computer and software, you can work from anywhere. Business are always keeping an eye out for graphic designers. Sometimes a business needs a new logo, promotional poster or new product, so there’s always a hunt for credible graphic designers. When you have had enough experience, start your own graphic designing agency and hire workers as well. Graphic designing is always a decent prospect.