Business Ideas For Women

Every day, new small businesses spring up across the country, with women accounting for a sizeable portion of those new ideas. Women are starting businesses in a variety of fields, including accounting and bookkeeping, dog walking, and freelance graphic design.


The possibilities can seem limitless, and deciding which small business idea to pursue or start for yourself can be difficult. The good news is that if you’re thinking about starting a business, you’re not alone. According to American Express’s 2018 report “The State of Women-Owned Business,” approximately 1,800 new businesses were started by women every day between 2017 and 2018.

Some people start businesses to supplement their regular income. While others start them with the intention of making the business their full-time job and sole source of income. There are several things to consider before starting your own business, such as what you’re looking for and your existing skills. Here are some things to think about before starting your own business. Also tips on how to pick the best one for you.

Choosing a Business Idea

Finding the ideal business idea for you is the first step in learning how to start a business. Also, a topic that interests you and taking into account the skills and resources you already have can be beneficial.


Personal service suppliers, animal care, Educational services, Marketing and Freelance work, technology services, travel services, and other businesses are all options.

We’ve also compiled a list of some of the best small business ideas for women.


  • Graphic design
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Marketing copy-writing
  • Content creation
  • Public relations consulting
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Photography
  • SEO consulting and strategy
  • Social media management
  • Event planning

Personal service business

There are several types of work that fall under the category of personal services. There is a demand for almost every task that people must complete, whether it is assisting their children in preparing for the SAT or having the dog groomed. That means you’ll have plenty of business opportunities and needs to fill.


Some of the businesses listed below are seasonal, making them ideal if you need a little extra cash but don’t need a full-time job.

Educational services

  1. College essay editing
  2. SAT/ACT prep
  3. Tutoring
  4. College application counseling
  5. Music teaching

Animal care

  1. Dog walking
  2. Pet sitting
  3. Pet grooming
  4. Veterinary services
  5. Dog daycare provider
  6. Dog training services
  7. Animal photography

Home services and repair

  1. Home Cleaning
  2. Interior Design
  3. Lawn and garden grooming and planning


  1. Personal shopper
  2. Personal assistant
  3. Life coach
  4. Career counselor
  5. Personal fitness training
  6. Home organizing
  7. Massage therapy

Business support ideas

Businesses can always use a little extra help, and it may be your company’s responsibility to assist them. Bookkeeping and accounting are just two of the heavy lifting tasks that some businesses require assistance with, and you could provide that assistance.

However, there are numerous other tasks that your company could assist with. Supportive business services are something that more businesses require and value.

  1. Scheduling
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Payroll services
  4. Accounting
  5. Business coaching
  6. Remote customer service
  7. Business event planning

Creative services and goods business ideas

Online marketplaces such as Etsy make it simple to turn your hobby of crafting into a source of extra income. Also other hobbies, such as baking, can be turned into your own business. It may begin with making a cake for an anniversary or birthday party, but that business can quickly expand. Other innovative services and products that can be turned into a business are listed below.

Online e-commerce platforms are designed specifically to assist you in listing your company and products online. Shopify and Squarespace are two of the most popular. If you want something simpler, you could try selling on Facebook by using Facebook’s business pages as your online store.

  1. Handmade item retailer
  2. Boutique owner
  3. Antique or thrift shop owner
  4. Travel advisor/trip agency
  5. Bakery owner

Technology business ideas

The world of technology, like marketing and creative freelancing and consulting, has a lot of opportunities for people looking to make a living freelancing and doing contract work. There are opportunities in the tech field to work on short- and long-term projects on your own schedule, similar to marketing.

  1. Freelance website designing
  2. Freelance coding
  3. App developing
  4. IT consulting
  5. Web securities specialist
  6. Data entry

What you should think about before starting your own business

Even if you believe you are ready to start your own business, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding what type of small business to start. You might not know where to begin, so here are some of the most important factors to consider before deciding on one of the businesses listed later.

  • Will this be your primary source of income, or will it supplement your current income?
  • How much will it cost to start a business? How much money do you have to invest in the business right now? Will you need more money, and if so, where will you get it?
  • Do you want to monetize the skills you already have? Or do you want to learn entirely new skills for this new venture?

After you’ve decided what you’re looking for in a new business, you can start thinking about the type of work you’d like your company to do. Keep in mind that your small business can be just you as a sole proprietor; it is not necessary to have more than one employee.

What advice do other female business owners have?

Whatever you decide to do for a business, you can benefit from the experience of others who have followed in your footsteps. Advice from other female entrepreneurs can help you avoid making the same mistakes as others.

Other entrepreneurs have emphasized the importance of taking time to rest and relax, learning from mistakes, regaining confidence, and other activities. Articles about female entrepreneurs and women in business can be useful, but there are also specific business resources for women available.

Women can also find development programs, forums, networking sites, and other resources online and in their communities. Online groups of businesswomen on LinkedIn and Facebook can be beneficial to women looking to start their own businesses. Look for groups related to women in business or the type of business you want to start to find a forum that can help you.