Cast And Characters In This 1988 Cult Classic Halloween 4

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is the fourth part of the Halloween film series, released in 1988. Dwight H. Little directs and Alan B. McElroy writes Halloween 4. The central plot revolves around Michael Myers, played by George P. Wilbur, waking up from a coma ten years after his 1978 killing spree in Haddonfield, Illinois, and returning home to murder his niece Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd, the daughter of Laurie Strode, with Sam Loomis, played by Donald Pleasence, pursuing him once more.


Halloween 4 Cast And Characters:

The film’s actors were likewise appreciated for their performances. Here’s a peek at the Halloween 4 cast, along with information about each performer and their on-screen character.

Donald Pleasence as Dr. Sam Loomis:

Dr. Sam Loomis was played by actor Donald Pleasence in the Halloween 4 cast. He is one of the overall series’ key heroes. Dr. Sam Loomis takes on the role of Michael Myers’ archenemy. Donald Pleasence was most recognized for his parts in The Great Escape, THX 1138, and the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, among others.

Halloween 4

Ellie Cornell as Rachel Carruthers:

In the Halloween 4 cast, Ellie Cornell played Rachel Carruthers. Richard and Darlene Carruthers are her parents. Ellie Cornell has been in several well-known films and television shows over the years.


Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd:

In the Halloween 4 film cast, popular actor Danielle Harris played Jamie Lloyd. She is Michael Myers’ niece and Laurie Strode’s daughter. Danielle Harris rose to prominence as a member of the Halloween 4 cast. Over the years, she has appeared in several films. Danielle Harris has also performed as a voice actor in several films and television shows.

George P Wilbur as Michael Myers:

George P Wilbur portrayed the crucial part of Michael Myers in the film. Michael Myers is the heinous masked killer. George P Wilbur was the first actor in the series to play the murderer multiple times. He had previously worked as a professional stuntman.

Michael Pataki as Dr. Hoffman:

Michael Pataki played Dr. Hoffman in the Halloween 4 cast. He was a voice artist and actor from the United States. He has appeared in several popular TV episodes and films, including Love at First Bite, The Onion Bite, Rocky IV, Bonanza, and Run for Your Life.


Overall, while this film was a decent sequel, it also marked a decline in the quality of each film, as each Halloween film for the next few sequels suffers from a drop in quality.