Celebrities Without Makeup Selfies

You can always see celebs wearing glamorous makeup at all times. But did you know that the the most trendy makeup look these days is absolutely no makeup! Although it’s not an anti-makeup movement but its all about presenting yourself free of all things. The real you. 


Hence there’s nothing wrong in wearing a matte eye makeup accompanied by a magnificent red lipstick. The very same could be said about the real natural beauty you attain. To further celebrate the cause, we have piled up a list of celebrities that have been showing their natural side to the world. 

Jennifer Aniston

In January, Jennifer Aniston posted a makeup-free selfie on her Instagram account. The whole concept of the selfie was to show her admirers the natural side of her. The caption under the post also included a shoutout her hair brand, LolaVie. 

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek truly redefined the beach look with a tinge of her own magic. She also posted a selfie on Instagram with an absolute makeup-free look. The caption under the post said, “#selfiesunday#nomakeup.”

Gwyneth Paltrow 

More of a brand endorsed picture, Gwyneth Paltrow posted this selfie in regards to the skincare brand, Goop. “IT’S FINALLY HERE. Our Cloudberry Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser dropped on @goop today,” the caption under her Instagram post held. She shared this selfie on January 16, 2022. “If you know me, you know I love a good exfoliator, which is why I am so excited to introduce this new addition to the GOOPGLOW family. It’s this amazing soft jelly, and as it cleanses, it really amps up your glow.” 

Kate Winslet

Kate shared her all natural look in the most different way out of all these beauties. In a new video series gone by the name of “Lesson of Worth” with L’Oreal Paris, Kate gradually removed her glam look and goes to a fully natural look. “Because I’m worth it” tagline before saying “I’m sure you’re probably thinking, That’s easy for her to say — she’s been sat in hair and makeup for hours to look like that; of course she feels worth it.” This is what Kate says when she completely removes her makeup. 

The main purpose of the video series was to show people what natural beauty is all about. Also how you’re worth it even after you have removed the veil from your face in the form of makeup. “When we’re younger, we all think that our worth is about our face, or our body shape, or how much attention we get, or how popular we are, or how many likes you get compared to your friends,”

Demi Moore

Demi Moore obtained the support of Instagram to showcase her all natural look on a cold winter day. “early morning hot bath and meditation. Solitude and Wind Songs,” she captioned the picture with. She even made her look more perfect by wearing some quintessential glasses. 

Lady Gaga

Well yes, we got to see this side of the all-glamorous and all-chic Lady Gaga. Reportedly, she took this selfie before the launch of her project, House Of Gucci. A much-needed break I must say. 

Cameron Diaz And Drew Barrymore

If you’re looking for some serious skincare advice, listen to these goddesses. “#SUNSCREENALWAYS” – Barrymore wrote under the post.

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