Privacy Alert: ChatGPT Bug Exposes Users’ Conversation Histories

Privacy Alert: ChatGPT Bug Exposes Users' Conversation Histories
ChatGPT Bug Exposes Users' Conversation Histories


Open AI revealed on Friday that a bug creates in ChatGPT which leaked the personal information and credit card details of a few users to another user that is using the AI tool. The bug is identified on Monday when a few percent of users see the titles of other users in their conservation history which are not theirs. But the issue is much further than the previous throughout.


Open AI ChatGPT Officials statement:

Open AI ChatGPT Officials statement:

The officials of Open AI stated on Friday that they said few users see the information of others. The information includes first and last names, payment details, email addresses, last four digits of the credit card numbers, and card expiration dates of other users.

They further said that there are 1.2% of people are ChatGPT plus subscribers. In San Francisco-based companies there are 100 million users. So we can’t analyze clearly how many users are exactly paying for the service.

Founding of ChatGPT:

Open AI was founded by the Group members of America. The group also includes the current CEO of ChatGPT Sam Altman in 2015 in Silicon Valley. ChatGPT is a large language model which is trained on extremely high amounts of text data. This will allow it to generate responses to the given prompt by the users. Recently Microsoft launched ChatGPT-4 which is the upgraded version of this AI tool. Most people are using it in many countries.


People all around the world are using this AI tool for various purposes some use it for writing books, some people use it for poems, a few people use it for studies, and many business people use it also.

Individual tweet on Twitter:

On Monday, a person tweeted on Twitter in which he warned other users to be careful about using the chatbot which shows other people conservation topics.

There is an image of the list which shows several titles that include books on human behavior, girl chases butterflies, and boy survives solo adventure. But it is unclear which of these were not theirs. They said if you are using the ChatGPT, so be careful because there is a risk that your chat being shared with other users.



The most used Open AI tool ChatGPT contain a bug on Friday that will expose the chat conservation and credit card numbers of some users to other users. The official said that there are a few percentages of people whose data got exposed.

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