Comparing iPad Models

If you think Apple’s new iPad Pro lineup is far too expensive and beyond your budget then you should either look to get a standard iPad model or an iPad Air. To further put this into perspective, your decision-making should narrow down to the 2021 iPad and 2022 iPad Air. 


If you just want to lead a simpler yet decent lifestyle, I’d definitely suggest the standard iPad. Performing the basics such as video streaming, surfing apps, and using social media, is quite effective on the standard iPad. 

Although that absolutely doesn’t mean that iPad Air is a less effective candidate. In fact, it’s a lot closer to the iPad Pros than the standard iPad. Mainly because iPad Air has the same processor installed as the iPad Pro. Even their price is relative to one another. 

The standard iPad (2021) goes for a price of $330 and iPad Air (2022) can purchase for nearly double, $600. 


Design And Display

The standard iPad adopts Apple’s quintessential iPad theme with round edges and borders on the top and bottom. The iPad Air, therefore, has a more modern and chic look with squared-off edges and minimal black borders on the top and bottom. Again, iPad Air’s design is relatively close to iPad Pro’s design. 

The most substantial difference between both devices is their size. The iPad has a 10.2-inch display which is smaller than iPad Air’s 10.9 inches display. The iPad also features Apple’s Retina Display while iPad Air attains a Liquid Retina Display. With that being said, iPad Air slightly brinks over the iPad. 


This is the point where things get trickier. Ipad Air features Apple’s M1 processor which is the same as 2021’s iPad Pro, MacBook Air 2021, MacBook Pro 2021, and Mac Mini. That’s undoubtedly some monstrous power for a tablet. Although it can’t be assessed through normal usage or any high-graphic usage. 


On the other hand, iPad’s A13 Bionic processor similar to the iPhone 11 lineup provides lesser power. However, it’s still very much capable to run any apps or high-quality video streaming. 

Battery Life

Thankfully, both the standard iPad and iPad Air offer the same battery life. There might differ from each other on the basis of minutes but a significant difference can’t be found. Although it must be mentioned that the standard iPad can still last more than iPad Air. But if you don’t have many concerns regarding the battery, you must stick with your own choice

Bottom Line

As pointed out by the analysis mentioned above, the standard iPad speaks volumes on the basis of its price. If you don’t have anything significant to do with the iPad, paying nearly twice the amount for iPad Air seems unnecessary. Although we’re not degrading iPad Air, it has a better and more sleek design than iPad. 

If you’re focusing on doing some creative work for a company, then you must go for iPad Air. It’s a powerhouse that’s built to last.