Computer Stuck On “Getting Windows Ready” – Solutions

Read this article if you’re annoyed by ‘Getting Windows Ready, Don’t Turn off Your Computer’ as well. 


We have laid down some solutions for you in order to avoid getting this statement again and again. 

What Is “Getting Windows Ready, Don’t Turn off Your Computer”

Any Windows desktop or laptop can get stuck on this statement. You just sit there waiting and hoping for a miracle to happen. But you find no luck. Then when you try to restart it you get, “Getting Windows Ready Stuck”. We have come up with some solutions to solve your problems. 

Just Wait

Well first and foremost is waiting. Be patient and wait as much as you can. Exceed the limit of waiting, even try going for a new world record. Some experts also say that whenever “Getting Windows ready” pops up on your desktop or laptop, waiting is key. Sometimes its just downloading important files interiorly. Waiting more than 3 hours is not advisory. 


Reset System

An effective way of getting rid of this issue is to reset your system. But before resetting, transfer all of your important data to a safer place. You can either backup your data or recover lost data with a hard drive recovery software. Backing up your data is a better option in my opinion. 

Window Repairing Services

Your most safe bet at getting your old setup back is to call in technicians with potent expertise. Running repairs manually is quite simple and efficient. It also saves a lot of your time. 

Power Reset

Bear in mind that power resetting clears all information stored on your computer. Although it does no harm to your data. Power resetting is perhaps the most effective way to escape the endless circle of “Getting Windows Ready”. 


All you have to do is turn off your computer and unplug any extra devices attached to it. (USB flash drive, headphones etc)

Then press and hold the power button on your computer for 30 seconds. Then take out the power cable from your computer. After a while plug it back in and turn on your computer. Hopefully you won’t see that screen again.