Coulomb Technologies Inc

The top provider of electric car charging equipment is Coulomb Technologies. The largest online worldwide charging network, Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network connects electric car owners to charging stations in more than 14 countries. Additionally, Coulomb offers ChargePoint Network service plans and cloud-based solutions that take care of invoicing. And support for all drivers and provide businesses the control and flexibility. They want to maximize the efficiency of their EV charging operations. Large companies like Google and SAP, utilities like Orlando Utilities Commission and Austin Energy, cities. Like the City of San Francisco and the City of New York, sizable shopping malls like South Coast Plaza and Bellevue Square. And parking service providers like Edison Properties and Priority Parking are just a few of the clients of Coulomb Technologies. Moreover, any manufacturer of a charging station can join the ChargePoint Network.


Coulomb Technologies Inc Is Now Known As ChargePoint Network:

On December 12, 2012, ChargePoint Inc. became the official name of Coulomb Technologies Inc. The Sydney-based ChargePoint Pty Ltd regarded as a pioneer in the e-mobility sector. However, Drivers of electric vehicles now have the ease of charging their batteries at home. And in public places like shopping malls, workplaces, and curbside thanks to the ChargePoint Network. Customers who sign up for the ChargePoint Network are sent a ChargePoint Smart Card, which enables them to charge their vehicles at any ChargePoint Networked Charging Station located anywhere in Australia. For electric utility companies, the ChargePoint Network incorporates charging stations, customer subscription programs, and utility grid management technologies to balance electrical demand on the grid.

What Is Their Mission?

According to ChargePoint, a swift switch to electric vehicles is necessary to create a sustainable future for everyone. Their goal is to develop technology will allow all people and things to move on electricity after more than ten years. By investing in, creating, and implementing a world-class portfolio of EV charging solutions across every vertical on two continents. However, it has become one of the top EV charging networks in the world. Moreover, with only one ChargePoint account, it is now possible to charge all around Europe and North America.

What Services Do They Provide?

ChargePoint, formerly Coulomb Technologies, charges for everything, including passenger vehicles, city buses, heavy-duty trucks, and delivery vans. They provide a new fueling model that is beneficial to the environment, society, and business by offering businesses, fleets, and drivers an uncomplicated charging experience. They provide drivers, fleet managers, multifamily property owners, and enterprises real-time access to environmental impact data that gives them useful information for achieving sustainability objectives. As it is the first commercial and residential EV charging station that has received the ENERGY STAR® certification.