Death To My 20s Party Ideas

A small act of grieving can be saying goodbye to your 20s. With a “Death to My 20s” party, you can make fun of your concerns about aging and start your 30s off right. Planning your 30th birthday party need not be disheartening as you get older. Letting go of any anxiety you may be experiencing about getting older and leaning into the excitement of starting your 30s will help you start the new decade off right. Here is some Death to My 20s party ideas for food, games, decor, and more to get you started.


Invitations To My 20s Funeral Party:

The ideal invitations set the mood for a party. There will be no doubt as to the theme of this party when your guests receive these Death to My 20s party invitations in the mail. It is very clear that the dress code is strictly all-black, so you can rely on your guests to show up mournfully decked out. Modify the editable template to add any additional information that your visitors might need.

Death To My 20s Party Ideas

Death To My 20s Party Welcome Sign:

This isn’t just any birthday celebration, this is your 20s funeral. Simply entering the location won’t do for such an important event. The event calls for a little more formality, such as a welcome sign for your visitors. It should coordinate with your invitations, giving off the impression of a stylish party while still being very grisly and jokingly creepy.

Death To My 20s Party Welcome Sign

Death To My 20s Location:

Although it may sound morbid, Victorians frequently took picnics in cemeteries. If you enjoy all things eerie, this throwback is ideal for you. However, if you want to have a picnic there, make sure that’s okay with the cemetery first. If there isn’t a cemetery close by or if it would be uncomfortable for you to eat next to actual graves, you can create a similar atmosphere by having a picnic in a park. To achieve the same effect, make your headstones out of cardboard or Styrofoam.


Death To My 20s Look:

The hostess must exemplify the mood of the gathering. However, Dress in Gothic attire to portray the adoringly young beloved. You could take your outfit in a lot of different directions. It should give off a spooky vibe while still being very on-theme if you prefer an edge. Without the proper veil, a girl cannot cry, so you can try wearing a black veil too.

20s Location

Establish A 20s Altar:

Ask your friends to bring flowers, mementos, notes, or other tributes in honor of your youth, just like at a real funeral. Do whatever inspires you to adorn your altar. Finding the photo of yourself that most accurately represents your younger self and having a large print of that image made is a good place to start honor. You can either ask guests to wait until everyone has arrived or invite them to offer their gifts at the altar as they come in. They can then each make their offerings and offer a brief eulogy for your lost youth one at a time.

Other Details:

Numerous other minor details can improve the event and make your Death to your 20s party more memorable. RIP Twenties cups, coffin garlands, skeleton napkins, whimsical paper plates, and food items in the shape of coffins are just a few of the suggestions.