Defamation Case Between Johnny Depp And Amber Heard, Who won?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The defamation case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard received its verdict. The US jury found in favor of Depp and gave him $10 million in damages while giving Heard $2 million. After a six-week trial in which the Hollywood stars made some surprising confessions about their marriage, Heard was found guilty of defaming her ex-husband in an op-ed she wrote in 2018. But before the well-reported trial, Johnny Depp had already gone on trial in the UK and lost.


The Reaction Of Johnny Depp And Amber Heard To The Verdict:

My life was restored by the jury. I feel very humbled that Depp, who missed the verdict in court, made a statement on his Instagram page. However, it can’t be said for Amber Heard as she claimed that the decision had left her inconsolable. She said, what this ruling entails for other women devastates me even more. A setback, indeed. It turns back time to a period in which a woman spoke out and risked being publicly humiliated. She stated in a statement that was published on her Twitter account that it “sets back the idea that violence against women needs to be treated seriously.”

The Verdict Of The Case Affected Both The Celebrities, Johnny Depp And Amber Heard:

The Hollywood celebrities accused one another of abuse before and throughout their two-year marriage during the six-week trial.

Heard claimed that Depp abused her more than a dozen times, several of them physically or sexually. Depp said she was the one who started their relationship off on the wrong foot and denied hurting her.


Over three days, the seven-member civil jury debated for nearly 12 hours.

Depp testified that I lost nothing less than everything in the last days of the trial, while Heard charged that he had attempted to take away her capacity to work.

Heard sobbed on the witness stand for the second time as the trial came to a close and said now that I’m standing here today, I can’t have a career. I’m hoping to regain my voice. I only want that.


Trial Prompts Heated Online Discussions:

Millions of people followed the trial on social media, and it was carried live on television. In the increasingly divisive social media landscapes, everything from court evidence to the body language of both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is scrutinized and up for dispute. One of the most peculiar aspects of this case was the overwhelming amount of internet support for Depp. People vocally endorsed Depp and asserted that Heard is a liar on Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok.