Diamond City Arkansas

Diamond City is located in northeast Boone County, Arkansas, United States. Its population was recorded at 782 according to 2010’s census. Diamond City is also a part of Harrison Micropolitan Statistical Area. 


Diamond City is situated on the bank of the old White River at the site of Dubuque. Before it got collapsed during the Civil War, Dubuque used to host a lot northbound steamboats on the White River. 

Although Diamond City has become famous because of its political disorientations. These following examples will fill you in on how. In 1994, the police chief handcuffed an elder man to a door in order to stop him from leaving a city council meeting. In 2018, Mayor Jan Hudson was accused of stealing 4,550 from the local community centre. Additionally, in 2019, Mayor Linda Miracle sued city council members for meeting without telling her. 

Diamond Mine Arkansas

Crater of Diamonds State Park is a 911-acre public park in Arkansas, United States. This park is the world’s only diamond-bearing site accessible to the public. Diamonds have continuously been found on the surface of the field including the Strawn-Wagner Diamond. The park also has a 37-acre plowed field. It was 1972, when the field became a state park. After the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism purchased the site from Arkansas Diamond Company and Ozark Diamond Mines Corporation. The companies used to operate the sites as tourist attractions before losing possession. 


How Much Does It Cost To Dig Diamonds In Arkansas?

The policy around the Crater of Diamonds state park is basically “finders keepers”. Simply meaning that the diamonds you find, will be yours. It is also the only public diamond mine in the world so the hunt for finding diamonds and minerals is free mostly. 

How Many Diamond Mines In Arkansas?

There’s only one major and foremost location where you can easily dig diamonds in, Crater of Diamonds State Park. Apart from this public diamond field, no other field is either accessible or authorised. 

What Town In Arkansas Can You Find Diamonds In?

Murfreesboro, Arkansas is the only place where the public can hunt for real diamonds in their original volcanic source. Crater of Diamonds park is a place that attracts thousands of people from all around the world. This experience of a life-time allows Murfreesboro to host many people throughout the year