Dubai’s First $5 Billion Moon-Themed Luxury Hotel Unveils

Dubai's First $5 Billion Moon-Themed Luxury Hotel

In Dubai, almost everything is feasible with enough money. You may now add walk on the moon to that bucket list, or at the very least book a lavish hotel room. With enough money, you can do almost anything in Dubai. And now you can add another to the list: renting a nice lodging on the moon, if not walking on it. This week, Canadian architectural firm Moon World Resorts announced plans to build a $5 billion moon-themed luxury hotel that resembles Earth’s orbital cousin.


Dubai Is Not New To Architecture:

Dubai is no stranger to large-scale building endeavors. The landmark BurjKhalifa presently the highest structure in the world will surround by proposals for a suspended metropolis. The city has demonstrated its capacity for taking on architectural challenges by finishing the Palm Jumeirah. And it continues to reveal small projects along the road, including the largest Ferris Wheel in the world. Therefore, it is not quite a moonshot when Dubai considers developing the $5 billion moon-themed luxury hotel.

10 Million Visitors Annually, $1.8 Billion In Revenue:

No matter where it ultimately settles in the region, Moon can accommodate millions of annual visitors, making it a strong candidate for the top tourist destination in the Mena region. Dubai is a potential location, according to the company creating the artwork depicting it at the unfinished Dubai Pearl project site in the city. A similar one has also been created for Downtown Dubai. But the Moon might also call other Middle Eastern cities home.

Location Of The Resort:

The co-founder of the resort, Henderson, suggested that the UAE would make sense for a variety of compelling reasons, with Dubai possibly being the front-runner. Another ideal location for Moon in the UAE would be Abu Dhabi.

$5 Billion Moon-Themed Luxury Hotel
Dubai’s First $5 Billion Moon-Themed Luxury Hotel

The companies who get each regional license will choose the exact location for the Moon resorts. It might serve as a standalone destination resort or as a primary focus surrounded by a mixed-use neighborhood, according to Henderson. Space travelers will need to wait a further five years after a license obtain. And a site chosen before the resort is open to visitors. Moon resorts, which operate under the slogan “because you’ve been everywhere else,” will provide visitors with a real lunar landscape to explore without requiring them to leave the stratosphere.

Luxurious Villas And Fast Shuttles:

According to the project brochure, a working “lunar colony” would give visitors the impression that they are standing on the moon’s surface. However, a hyper-speed shuttle will whisk them around the expansive destination. There will be five-star hotel suites inside in addition to restaurants, nightclubs, bars, a spa, a convention center, and a 10,000-seat stadium. A beach club-style area, water-filled lagoons, and infinite green spaces will all be found on the upper deck.

Sky Villas are the resort’s take on private residences for those who want to reach the moon. All 300 of these lavish apartments will be housed inside the main building’s disc. And all residents will have access to the exclusive Moon private members club.