Dynasty 1981 Cast – Where Are They Now?

1980s was an era of long hair, bell bottoms and hip hop. Although the show Dynasty did its best to highlight all those 80s classics in their vicinity. Lets explore where is the Dynasty cast now. 


Dynasty Plot And Cast

Dynasty was the saga of a wealthy Denver-based family in the oil business. The head of the family was the business tycoon, Blake Carrington (John Forsythe). Carrington was always found whirled up in the women that were in his life. That included his ex-wife, new-wife and former secretary. His new-wife was Krystle (Linda Evans) and ex-wife, Alexis (Joan Collins). The cast further included Pamela Sue Martin (Fallon Carrington), Gordon Thomson (Adam Carrington), Heather Locklear (Sammy Jo Carrington), Emma Samms (Fallon Carrington II) and John James (Jeff Colby). 

The series ended on a high note in 1989 and wasn’t renewed for more seasons. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at how the infamous cast is doing more than 30 years after. 

John Forsythe

John Forsythe was the leader and head of the Carrington family. He was born in New Jersey and also did the voice of Charlie in Charlie’s Angels. Unfortunately, Forsythe demised in April 2010 in California. The cause of his death was stated as pneumonia. He died at an age of 92. Gordon Thomson expressed views on Forsythe’s death in very consoling words. He even stated how each cast member came forward to pay their respects on Forsythe’s death day. “We gathered at Hollywood Park Race Track – that was John’s favorite place to be,” Thomson stated in an interview. 


Linda Evans

Linda Evans had a sensational kickstart to her acting career after performing wonders in Dynasty. She embarked upon a scintillating journey following the end of Dynasty and starred in many TV shows and movies. For instance, She’ll Take Romance (1990), The Gambler Returns: The Luck of The Draw (1991) and Dazzle (1995). 

After completing an illustrious career in the film industry, she went onto retire in Rainer, Washington. Over there she developed an interest for Culinary arts. In 2009 she decided to put her skills to test and won the U.K. edition of Hell’s Kitchen. 

Joan Collins

Joan Collins never drifted away from the spotlight and continued appearing in TV shows such as The Royals and Footballer Wives. She also did a pretty good job in movies. Although many might not be aware that Collins started practicing becoming a novelist during the Dynasty show was airing. Fast forward things to todays date and she is the author of more than 15 books. 


In 2015 for her selfless services towards charity, she was awarded with the Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE). 

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear also got a silver lining from her role in Dynasty. She embarked upon an adventurous TV show journey after completing her role as Sammy Jo Carrington. She also starred in a comedic series, Spin City. Locklear had played in romantic movies for the majority and was widely known for that. 

Heather Locklear was on the verge of getting married to her ex-co-actor Jack Wagner from Melrose Palace. But they called of the wedding in 2011. 

Gordon Thomson

Thomson joined the cast of Dynasty in the second season. He did a fairly good job in the TV industry. He appeared in shows like The Young and the Restless, Santa Barbara and Days of Our Lives. His most recent acting job came in the online show Winterthorne and DeVanity. 

As of now, Thomson isn’t doing anything significant and stated that he mostly spends time reading. “I read and I read. It is one of the most gorgeous pleasures in life.” says Gordon Thomson. 

John James

John James adopted the role of Jeff Colby on Dynasty in 1981. He also appeared in a spin-off series, The Colby’s. Like the others, James also spent a great time appearing in different TV shows. His dauther, Laura, is also doing the same work as her father. 

Pamela Sue Martin

Pamela Sue Martin played the role of Fallon on Dynasty. She was the mastermind daughter of Blake Carrington. She appeared in many TV shows during her career such as Bay Coven and Strong Medicine. Martin also co-wrote and produced a film (Torchlight), in which she appeared as well. 

Emma Samms

Emma Samms took over from where Pamela Sue Martin left the role of Fallon. Pamela Sue Martin actually released herself from the contract of Dynasty for some personal reasons. Whereas Emma Samms is currently living in her native country, England. She is directing and writing radio shows these days. Samms also has a son and a daughter from her third marriage to John Holloway. The couple parted ways in 2003 though.