Eddie Murphy’s The Haunted Mansion Cast And Review

The first thing that comes to your mind after reading the title “The Haunted Mansion” is the Haunted Mansion ride in Disney Parks. However, it should be known that the movie isn’t entirely based on that. It’s not a movie that satisfies all the queries of the ride but an actual story with an intriguing series of events. 


The Haunted Mansion Plot

On the day of their anniversary, workaholic and real estate agent Jim Evers and his wife Sara receive a strange phone call from a man called Ramsley. He requests that Sara come to the mysterious Gracey Manor. Jim decides to turn it into an opportunity to check out a possible gold-mine in real estate, but to please Sara, he claims it is a “family trip”, bringing the kids along. 

Once there, Ramsley the butler insists that they stay, for a big storm is on the way. The Evers are introduced to Master Gracey, who seems strangely obsessed with Sara. Jim goes off to talk to Gracey about selling, but ends up in a secret passage instead. The kids follow a floating ball to the attic, where they see a painting of a woman who looks just like Sara! Jim and the kids eventually discover the mansion’s dark secret from Madame Leota, a talking head in a crystal ball. She tells them that Sara is in danger and to save her, they must “lead the ghosts to the light.” After some spooky adventures and surprises, the family manages to save the manor and Sara, all while learning a valuable lesson about togetherness.

The Haunted Mansion Cast

  • Eddie Murphy as Jim Evers
  • Marsha Thomason as Sara Evers
  • Terence Stamp as Ramsley
  • Nathanial Parker as Master Edward Gracy
  • Wallace Shawn as Ezra
  • Dina Spybey-Waters as Emma
  • Marc John Jefferies as Michael
  • Jim Doughan as Mr. Coleman 
  • Rachael Harris as Mrs. Coleman

The Haunted Mansion Review

The most interesting factor that the movie does and does not attend to is the racial theme. During the coarse of the film we get to know that Ramsley deliberately causes disruptions in master’s love life. That’s because he believed if the two went onto tie the knot, the whole family would be in grave danger. That being said, it was crucial dangerous to involve yourself in interracial romance in the New Orleans. However, the film never really comes out about the races of its characters. But you can easily get baffled or perplexed somewhere between the plot because the whole of it is situated on race. 


Each character has a lot to deal with as the story continues. In each given event, you can see the primary characters being hurdled with challenges. 

However, the movie can easily get criticism due to its theme and continuance. Even Murphy hasn’t been given much to do throughout. He is shown as a man who is stuck between ghosts with his wife and kids. After closely studying the film I can say that The Haunted Mansion won’t do wonders for adults and for some teens even. However kids on the other hand would love it.