Everything About The Monster Of Florence

The Monster of Florence was the name adopted by the Italian media and people whilst referring to an unknown serial killer causing havoc in Florence from 1968 to 1985. The monster actively carried out attacks and murdered about 14 to 16 people. His murders basically relied on young couples that mostly went around the woods on new moons to seek intimacy. 


Italian police and law enforcement actively laid out many investigations and inquiries for several years. Some success was achieved in 2000 when the Italian courts convicted two guilty individuals for homicidal offences. They were charged with multiple crimes with one being part  of an alleged group of murderers. The group was called upon as the “Snacks Companions”. 

It was later found that they acquired the usage of several different weapons whilst going about the murders. That also included the usage of a Beretta handgun and knives of different sorts. In some unique cases, private organs from a female’s body were removed and this was expected to be the motive behind all those heinous crimes and brutal murders. 

Was The Monster Of Florence Ever Found?

Monster of Florence is actually the literal translation of “Mostro di Firenze”. However, did you know that this case of brutal killings is recorded as one of the most confounding cases in the history of criminology. The investigational process is thought be spanning over 40 years. Although Italian personnel required the help of professionals criminologists, investigators and psychologists from all over the world, but this case still remains an unsolved mystery. Despite two individuals being charged with those murders, this case is entitled as unsolved puzzle. 


What Did The Monster Of Florence Do?

In 1968, mysterious killings started happening in the hills just outside of Florence, Italy. The unidentified man or group of men who started all those murders was entitled as “Il Mostro di Firenze”. Till 1985, 14 murders were committed and most of them were of couples. The Italian people were petrified of the details of those murders as they were highly gruesome in nature.  It also included organ removals from female victim’s bodies. The murders suddenly stopped in 1985. 

Who Was Most Likely The Monster Of Florence?

Pietro Pacciani, a farm labourer was accused and convicted of murdering seven of the eight couples in 1994. Pacciani’s trial was later overturned and hence a new trial was ordered to be held. The Italian police then suspected that these heinous crimes have been committed by a group of men led by Pacciani. Two of Pacciani’s friends were targeted as a the potential guilty parties, Giancarlo Lotti and Mario Vanni. Both Lotti and Vanni were arrested then for carrying out four of the eight double murders as Lotti confessed the crime. 

Who Is The Most Popular Serial Killer?

There are many credible names when it comes down to the topic of serial killers but Ted Bundy tops the list. Ted Bundy absolutely adored the attention he got from his murders. And the whole U.S. nation supported the cause of giving him that. Bundy mostly went after young college women and Western U.S. was his favourite zone. He was also once convicted of kidnapping in Colorado but escaped custody to do what he loved most. After escaping he fled to Florida where he attempted some more murders. When Bundy murdered his final victim and got arrested after that, the entire nation was left in a state of shock and panic and that’s what he loved most, attention. Bundy even led his own case as a lawyer and this was even more shocking. His trial was probably the first televised trial in the whole U.S.  


Bundy loved the attention and he welcomed all interviews with open arms. However, he was executed in an electrocuted chair in 1989.