Everything You Need To Know About The Natural History Museum Los Angeles

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The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles is probably the largest historical museum in the Western United States. It was founded and established in 1913. The museum covers about 36 million artefacts and specimens and range back to a history of almost 4.5 billion years. 


Natural History Museum (NHM) is situated in the Exposition Park on the Exposition Boulevard. The driving force behind the success of this museum was the museum association that was founded in 1910. The Museum was split into two halves in 1961. First half was the Natural Museum of History and Science and the latter was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The County Museum of Art further relocated its operations to Wilshire Boulevard in 1965. 

In 2003, some big construction projects were called in to enhance the visitor experience and improve the building’s overall quality. A new Age of Mammals exhibit was added to the museum’s collection accompanied by a Dinosaur Hall in 2011. Next followed a new exhibit on the profound history of Los Angeles in 2013. Lastly, an outdoor Nature Garden and Nature Lab was opened in the same year. 

The museum has strong grasp on many ancient fields but their most prolific collection is of Pleistocene Palaeontology and mineralogy. Most of the museum’s specimens are in the marine field. NHM also holds the largest marine animal collection in the world. 


How Long Does It Take To Go Through The Natural History Museum Los Angeles?

Usually, the NHM requires at least two afters for a simple walkthrough. However, if you tend to have a comprehensive look on the texts and labels then you must require a day. This also includes any special activities occurring or having a fun time at the Nature Lab. 

Is There A Free Entry To The Natural History Museum In LA?

Well the Los Angeles County residents are open to a free entry in the Natural History Museum from time 3pm-5pm. However, if you look forward to seeing some special exhibitions, 3D Theatre or the Butterfly and Spider Pavilion, then you must get a ticket for that. 

How Much Are Tickets For The Natural History Museum in LA?

The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles has a different ticketing scheme for each age group. For adults the museum charges $15.00 each. For children its $7.00 each and for seniors its $12.00 each. Its the same as seniors for students as well, $12.00 each. Although you must pay an additional $8.00 if you wish to go into the Butterfly Pavilion. 


Is There Free Parking In Natural History Museum?

NHM’s official parking space is located near Curson Avenue and 6th street. The museum asks for $15.00 if you intent to park your car within their allotted parking space. The parking timings are from 6am-10pm