Greatest Running Backs Of All Time

Its quite challenging for NFL admirers to pick and select the best running backs of all time. The quarterback position is up for an easier debate but due to the gigantic amount of impactful running backs, the process has been tough lately. 


There have been some great RBs to leave a mark in the NFL world. If you’re given the opportunity to choose one out of them, you simply can’t say a name without giving it much thought. However, in the face of some extraordinary challenges, we managed to narrow down a list of some of the greatest running backs of all time. 

Who Is The Greatest Running Back Of All Time

Jim Brown

In all honesty, its fair to say that Jim Brown not only has been the best RB in NFL history but also the best player. He was a brilliant athlete and professional as well. He played for the Cleveland Browns for just nine years but it was enough for him to cement his name in the top tier category. Brown was big, quick and extraordinarily strong. As a result, he won three MVP Awards in just nine seasons. Jim Brown still remains the only player to complete over 100 yards per game. 

The Top Three Running Backs Of All Time

Walter Payton 

Walter spent 13 years in the NFL world but those years were filled with brilliance only. Payton rushed over 1,000 yards in 10 of those 13 seasons. He also received various MVP accolades in 1977. He also possessed the talent of great passing, which many RBs don’t have these days. Unfortunately, Walter Payton passed away in December 1999. 


Barry Sanders

Some teams used to underrate his ability due to his comparatively small size but he was rather compelled to prove all those doubters wrong. Barry Sanders had immense class and elegance when he went about his game. His directional play is still regarded as the best. In his 10 year career, Sanders averaged almost over 1,500 yards per season. Had he have played just one more season, he could’ve finished as the all time great and also would’ve led the list. 

Eric Dickerson

Eric Dickerson was always thought to be in the wrong sport. Thats due to his size and strength. 6’3” of height accompanied by 220 pounds. When Dickerson got on the break, the opponents couldn’t do anything and just give in. He had incredible speed and strength which was uncontrollable. Dickerson also led the NFL four times in rushing alongside the record breaking rushing of 2,105 yards in a single season. He is on par with all of the names mentioned in this list. 

Who Is Considered The Best Football Player Of All Time?

This title has always been arguable in the field of NFL. However, there is one player whose achievements speak themselves. 


Tom Brady is the best football (NFL) player of all time. His records prove nothing but the greatness of his career. He is also one of the longest serving players in the NFL history – started off in 2000. 


  • 14x Pro Bowler
  • 3x First-Team All-Pro Team
  • 2x NFL OPOY
  • 2009 NFL Comeback POY
  • 3x NFL MVP
  • 7x Super Bowl Champion
  • 5x Super Bowl MVP
  • Pro Football HOF All-2000’s Team
  • Pro Football HOF All-2010’s Team
  • NFL 100 All-Time Team
  • Most Super Bowl Victories And Appearances in NFL History (10)
  • NFL Career Leader Regular Season Wins (230), Leader Postseason Wins (36) and Leader Passing Touchdowns (581)
  • #2 NFL Career Passing Yards (79,204)
  • #2 NFL Career Comebacks (39)
  • #3 NFL Career Game-Winning Drives (48)