A Complete Guide To Boost Your Sales On TikTok With Shopify

A Complete Guide To Boost Your Sales On TikTok With Shopify
How to boost sales on tiktok with shopify


You what will be the estimated market revenue of e-commerce in the next few years? If not then I will tell you. The estimated revenue of e-commerce will be USD 600 billion in the next few years. So, just imagine how this platform growing in upcoming years. The question will create here is your company ready to join this platform?


Recently, we see on the internet that Tiktok and Shopify are being collaborated and now they are working together. The advantage for users is that they see ads on Tiktok and came to Shopify to purchase the product if they want. In short, the platform allows brands to sell their products on the app and they provide video-related product on Tiktok so that customer knows about them.

TikTok is one of the most liked social media platforms that have more than 1 billion active users all over the world. The app is developing a potent tool, especially for companies so that they reach the young audience through this app and influence them. Thanks to the short-form videos and viral content of TikTok made this process easy for brands.

Linking your Shopify store with Tiktok is a great way to boost your sales. If you want to sell your product on Tiktok then we will tell you the process and provide you with information. This will help you to sell your goods on Tiktok with Shopify. Recently, Shopify reveal its news feed and it is upgradable and inspired by Tiktok. The upgradable news feed comes after they both collaborated.


Why do you need to sell on Tiktok?

Why do you need to sell on Tiktok?

Most probably, your business is active on Tiktok and maybe you are planning to consider the paid promotion and influencer marketing initiative. The question raised here is that have you linked Shopify with your Tiktok?

If you talk about all types of companies then Shopify is one e-commerce business solution. The platform is trusted by businesses that range from side businesses to well-known popular brands. The top vendors are Whole Foods, Penguin Books, Kylie Cosmetics, and Fitbit. The selling on Tiktok is more than showing off. It includes providing you prospective buyers with a smooth encounter.

According to the report, more than half of the adults in the US made transactions through social media in 2021. Businesses noticed this thing and in one year Tiktok identify that 76% of users increase the number of sellers who add Shopify and linked to their channels.


How to set up Tiktok Shopify Integration?

How to set up Tiktok Shopify Integration?

Basically, the integration between Shopify and Tiktok is not difficult. You have to simply follow these easily and you will able to set to develop your store on Tiktok.

Step 1: Create Tiktok Account and Shopify Account:

Step 1: Create Tiktok Account and Shopify Account:

If you want to sell on Tiktok then the first step is that you have to create Tiktok and Shopify account first. If you don’t have an account then create a free account. It is really easy to make a Tiktok account. You just have to download the Tiktok software on your mobile through the app store and play store. After downloading the app, you can sign up through Gmail, a phone number, or any social media account. Finally, you will able to use Tiktok and make your videos.

Create Shopify Account.jpg

Similarly, creating a Shopify account is also easy. For creating an account, visit the Shopify website and pick the pricing strategy. In last you have to provide a few fundamental details about your company.

Step 2: Set up you’re Shopify store:

Set up you’re Shopify store

 After creating an account on Shopify, you must develop your store now. It will include picking themes, your goods, payments gateway, and setting up your shipping preferences.

Open the dashboard of the Shopify app and pick “online store” which appears in the left-hand menu and after that select your “Theme”. Remember that pick such kind of theme which will suit your company. If you want to customize your layout then you can use the layout editor.

From the dashboard go to the product section and then tap on add the product to submit the chosen product to your Shopify store. After that, you have to enter the information regarding your goods which includes the name, images, price, and description (short).

Now, you have to go to the setting area of the Shopify dashboard and here, select payments to reach the payment gateway. There are several payments method available there which include PayPal, credit cards, and Apple Pay.

Now in setting select shipping and Delivery to build your shipping preferences. You have to configure your shipping cost and it will be based on the weight and final destination of the product.

Step 3: Install Tiktok Channel App:

Install Tiktok Channel App

To sell your good on Tiktok with Shopify, you have to create a Tiktok channel from the Shopify app shop. By using this app, you will able to connect your Tiktok account to your Shopify shop. For downloading the Tiktok channel through the Shopify app shop, you can simply search Tiktok in the search bar of the Shopify app shop and then click on the Tiktok channel app to install it. For adding the app, you have to click on Add app by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 4: Connect your Tiktok Account:

Connect Your TikTok Account

After installing the TikTok channel now you have to link the Shopify shop to your Tiktok account. Follow the below steps to install Tiktok Account.

  • The App area is shown on the dashboard of the Shopify app, you have to go here and select TikTok to link your Tiktok account.
  • After that, you have to click on connect account and then enter the login information of your Tiktok account.
  • Finally, your Tiktok account is linked with the Shopify app, and the linking process is done.

Step 5: Make a TikTok Ad Campaign:

Make a TikTok Ad Campaign

In the Tiktok ads manager, you have to start a Tiktok ad campaign after you link your Tiktok account. In ads manager, you have the option to create your advertisement market and target market.

To do this, visit the ads manager website and here you have to register for the account before making a TikTok ad advertising campaign. After that select create campaign to make your campaign and then follow the app instruction. You must have to decide the target market, campaign goal, and spending limit.

The objectives of your company will line up with your spending aim. For that, you should select the conversion aim if you want to boost your sales and if it is your goal. If your objective is to raise company awareness, then select the reach or video views.

Make sure that you have to select the right target market for your product and the right people who see your advertisement. For this, you can choose multiple hobbies, behaviors, and demographics during selecting the target audience. People who are not in your target audience and interact with your website and social media profile them simply retargeted.

The next step is to create a budget for your program. In that case, you have two options, rather you select the daily budget or choose the overall budget.

Now, making your advertisement is the last step. The Tiktok advertisement will take the shape of sponsored hashtags, brand takeovers, or in-feed advertisements. So, in feed advertisements, you can come close to the normal Tiktok videos. Make sure they are marked as sponsored and the brand takeovers are full-screen advertisements that will show up when the users launch the app.

Step 6: Track Your Result:

Track Your Result

Make sure to analyze your result when you start your ad strategy so that you know how it is working. Clicks, Impressions, and Conversions are just a few data that will be available from the Tiktok ads manager.

Go to Tiktok Ads Manager and select the campaign that you create to analyze the outcomes. The metrics tell you that how many people have seen, and converted to your ads, and how many clicks on your ads.

By using this data, you can optimize the advertising strategy and increase your sales. For example, you can change the creative ads and target audience you selected earlier. It will be more appealing to your target audience.

Avoid Common Mistakes when selling on Tiktok with Shopify:

Avoid Common Mistakes when selling on Tiktok with Shopify:

As I earlier mentioned, using Shopify to sell your product on Tiktok is really a great way to expand your business and sales. So, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid while expanding your business and you will successfully do your advertising campaign.

Neglecting the value of Creativity:

Neglecting the value of Creativity:

TikTok is the kind of platform that appreciates cleverness and creativity. To attract your audience to your product, make sure that your advertisements are interesting and appealing.

Failure to Optimize for mobile:

Failure to Optimize for mobile:

Since Tiktok is a mobile application and the majority of people are using it on mobile. So, you have to create your website in a way that is mobile user-friendly and the interface will also be mobile-friendly. The advertisement is perfectly played on mobile devices.

Not keeping data records:

Not keeping data records

You have to monitor your results and create data-driven decisions if you want to increase your advertising strategy. You can use Tiktok ads manager for tracking the effectiveness of your ads and making any important modifications.

Target Audience is not correct:

target audience is not correct.jpg

It’s difficult to choose the right target audience for your advertising campaign and it is also critical. The behavior hobbies and demographics you choose are suitable for your product and services.

Giving up too soon:

Giving up too soon

TikTok is new and that kind of app develops quickly so you have to be patient with your ads campaign. However, it will take time to see the attractive and good results. We are not sure how much time it will take but you have to remain patient. That’s why I said earlier, you have to design an effective campaign that will increase the traffic to your Shopify shop.

Final Thoughts:

Reaching the younger generation of the world and increasing your sales is a great way to expand your business through selling on Tiktok with Shopify. Create your Shopify store and link it with your Tiktok account and then make an attractive ad campaign through follow the instructions that are provided in this article.

Don’t forget to select a type of theme that suits your business well and then add products and services to your store. Select your payment methods and shipping options carefully and make sure to monitor the progress.

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