Henry The Octopus From The Wiggles

The Wiggles are a well-known Australian children’s entertainment group that was founded in 1991 after founder Anthony Field “had the idea to make a kids’ album.” He met fellow founding members Murray Cook and Greg Page while they were all studying early childhood education at Macquarie University. Later, he hired Phillip Wilcher, a music professor at Macquarie, and Jeff Fatt, a bandmate with whom he had previously performed in the pop band The Cockroaches. Soon after their debut album was released, Wilcher quit the band.


Who Are Wiggly Friends?

Since their debut album, The Wiggles have featured a variety of characters in their songs and stories, some of whom have gone on to play significant recurring roles in subsequent albums. Since their creation, four characters, collectively known as the “Wiggly Friends,” have been prominent in almost all of the videos. These are Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Captain Feathersword, and Wags the Dog

What Is Henry The Octopus Like?

A Wiggly Friend who made his debut in 1992 is Henry the Octopus. He enjoys dancing and spinning around as well. Henry enjoys singing and dancing on his eight legs. His personality is said to be upbeat, and he enjoys a good joke. He made his debut in 1992’s Here Comes a Song album’s title track, which served as his introduction. Anthony claims that Henry was named after The Cockroaches drummer Tony Henry in the documentary Everybody Clap! Everybody Sing! Henry functions in such a way that the performer inside can see through his mouth and eyes. Additionally, there is a vent on the top of his hat, allowing the performer some breathing room.



Jeff invented Henry. When Henry first appeared, Anthony provided his voice. Before other actors started appearing in concerts and videos wearing the suit, Jeff assumed the role after that. Paul Paddick eventually took over the role after Jeff continued to play his voice until the mid-late 2000s when he started to voice him on occasion. Henry was voiced for a while by Lachlan Gillespie in 2017, and Jeff occasionally voiced him in the following years.


The Wiggles Go Bananas and Nursery Rhymes 2 do not feature Henry.

The date of his birthday is still a mystery, unlike the other original Wiggly Friends.

Overall, Nearly fifty albums and music videos have been produced by The Wiggles, who have also relentlessly toured throughout the world, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and many other locations. They have won a ton of accolades and have been dubbed the greatest children’s act ever.