How Are Science And Technology Related

Science and technology are deeply linked to each other. Science is the intellectual and practical activity that further approaches the the systematic study of structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Whereas technology is the application of scientific knowledge to produce devices that can solve the basic problems of humans. 


In todays world, the development of both these sectors has grown immensely. Humans are now inventing things that didn’t even exist in the past. Science and technology have played a major part in satisfying all those necessities of mankind. To put it into perspective, science and technology both are present to make an individual’s life better and easy. 

Imagining a life without science and technology would be rather impossible. The reason being; they are around us in every aspect possible. Even the littlest of things either contain science or technology in it. Science and technology have certainly made life easier for the world and thanks to them, we save a lot of time now. 

A lot of things that were merely projections for the future, are now a part of our daily life. 


Relation Between Science And Technology 

Undoubtedly, science and technology are closely related to each other. Science is the application of knowledge and understanding of the social and natural world following a systematic study based on evidences. On the other hand, technology is the most definite application deriving out of science, making it clear that we need them both. 

Science involves having interpretation, predictions, analysis and visions regarding many topics. Hence, technology is something that subsequently simplifies all of the aforementioned. The advancements in science have definitely laid a comfortable path for technology to move on. 

Technology and science are close to each other and one of the best examples of the scientific developments is in the field of mathematics. The invention of calculator surely eased up the mathematical operations and allowed humans to perform addition, multiplication, division and subtraction with just a push of a button. 


Slightly Different?

Despite the numerous similarities, science and technology also slightly differ from each other. Science’s broad objective is to pursue scientific knowledge for its own sake. However, technology focuses on producing products that make life simpler. 

Just like technologists use science to manufacture products that solve problems, scientists use technology to make their life easier as well. Scientists adopt the usage of computers to store and analyse important data. Scientists do more well following the usage of technology. 

Just how technology has reached greater horizons with the help of scientific research, science has also rapidly grown their own success garden, all thanks to technology.