How Did Hawaii Become Part Of The United States

Hawaii was officially stated down as a U.S state when president Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a proclamation, admitting Hawaii as the 50th state. President Eisenhower also issued a request for the United States flag to now represent 50 stars arranged in six rows. The new flag was officially reinstated on 4th of July, 1960. 



Lets go back a little. The first people that arrived on the Hawaiian Island were Polynesian voyagers. They settled there in early 18th century. Following the same century, influential American traders used to visit Hawaii to utilise the Island’s sandalwood. Sandalwood was valued more than gold at that time and China was the biggest buyer. During 1830, a sugar industry was formed in Hawaii by a businessman. However, as soon as the 19th century started, Hawaii was becoming more established. 

United States missionaries occupied the land of Hawaii and brought about many major changes in the Island. Changes were seen in the economical, religious, cultural and political departments. In 1893, powerful American businessmen displaced the last reigning Monarch of Hawaii, Queen Liliuokalani. 

The Importance

A year later following this event, Hawaii was established as a U.S protectorate. Sanford B. Dole was made the president and he was also birthed in Hawaii. On the other hand, many members of the Congress voted against the annexation of Hawaii. Although in 1898 the usage of the naval base at Pearl Harbour during the Spanish-American War made it visible that Hawaii is strategically important for U.S. 


Following the aforementioned, the formal annexation was approved. Two years later, Hawaii was transformed into a formal U.S Territory. Hence in World War II, Hawaii was solidly settled in the American National Identity when the Japanese surprisingly attacked Pearl Harbour. The attack was ployed out in December 1941. All in all, Hawaii becoming an American state was not always on the cards but certain incidents led to it becoming the 50th state.