How To Blur Background On Zoom

Due to the COVID Pandemic, the world unwillingly had to adopt several measures that weren’t as normal as they are now. One of those numerous new modes of conduct, was the Zoom meeting app. Now as you all know we weren’t allowed to step out of the house whilst following lockdown, the work still had to resume. Whether it was a child’s schooling or an individual’s office meeting/presentation, everything was carried out through Zoom. 


Now we all know how untidy and clumsy we all can be whilst at home and there’s nothing to complain about that. Some Zoom meetings weren’t as ideal as thought for several people. Moments like clothes thrown at the background, family members walking in and out of the room etc. 

To put an end to all those unforeseen events, Zoom decided to develop and launch a Blur background feature. Its everywhere now. It allows you to prevent your coworkers and officials from the untidy surrounding you have at the back. Nothing going behind you can be seen by your fellow workers and its a blessing in disguise sort of feature. So in case you haven’t yet activated this feature, here’s how to. 

Blur Your Background On Zoom

First of all access your Zoom app through your desktop. After successfully opening the app, click on your profile icon. Then click on settings and follow the instructions below;


Preferences (from toolbar)  > Background and Filters > Select Blur

Thankfully, you can also activate it while you’re in an ongoing meeting. 

Click on the upwards sloping arrow right next to Stop video or Start video – depending on the type of video you’re on. Then click on “Choose Virtual Background…”. After that, select the option of Blur. 


Is It A Must-To-Do?

Well it generally depends on the type of person you are and the kind of household you live in. If you live in a rather noisy and sometimes disoriented household, I’d rather suggest you to activate Zoom’s Blur feature. However, the surroundings you hold next to you are a way for you to grow in certain aspects. For instance, once I was undergoing an interview for my A levels admission. The interviewer was rather intrigued with the pictures I had attached in the background. I am a massive football fan and the interviewer couldn’t help but notice how appropriately organized are those pictures of footballers at the back with a rather in depth history. 

So subsequently she talked to me about them and I told her how I adore this sport and play it regularly each day. She imminently opened up about the sports scholarship programmes they had at the college and I was in a state of perplexity right there. I had no idea such thing exists in colleges. So I momentarily signed up for the scholarship programme and got accepted at a 50% scholarship all thanks to my football credentials and accolades over the years. 

This is to tell you that sometimes its not entirely a good step to hide and blur everything that you have at the back. Although if its a rather tense situation going on in your household, the safest step would be to blur out the background for a bit.