How To Stop Live Captions In Chrome

Google Chrome is a vastly used platform. However, have you ever witnessed the live caption feature on the site? Well Google Chrome offers a Live Caption feature that automatically translates any English audio running at the back in the form of subtitles. Some people tend to get annoyed by subtitles popping up on their screens. Fortunately, we can disable the live caption feature anytime and similarly enable as well. 


The live caption feature is a blessing in disguise as well. Some people who are not bilingual in English language sometimes don’t understand what’s going on. If they’re watching an informative video, they leave unsatisfied. So for those people, the live caption feature by Google Chrome is immensely helpful. Although without further ado, lets dive in and find out how to enable and disable the live caption feature on Google Chrome. 

How To Enable and Disable Live Captions On Chrome

The live caption feature first interfaced on Google Chrome with version 85. It was just an experimental prototype at that time. Although with the release of Google Chrome version 91, it was added as a standard feature. There are two methods to enable the live caption feature. 

The first method you could adopt is to enable the live caption mode through Chrome settings. All you have to do is open the Chrome webpage and click on the more option (3 vertical dots). Then select the Settings option from the menu and then click on “Advanced” all the way down to further continue. Then scroll down to the accessibility menu and toggle on Live Captions. 


Now the second method is very easy and less time taking. Play any audio or video on Chrome and you’ll see the Global Media Controls icon at the top right corner. Click on it and toggle on the Live Caption feature. 

To disable the live captions on Chrome, follow the same protocol as described above. 

Relocate Live Captions Elsewhere 

Set in a default manner, the live captions will display at the bottom middle of your screen. They would also appear in white text with a black background. 


If you don’t like the position of the captions at the middle of your screen, you change its location. You can touch and drag them in any location all over your screen. Similarly, you can pinch to zoom them out or do the opposite to zoom them in. You can also customise your captions colour, style and size. 

To customise your live captions, follow the instructions below. 

As usual, open the Google Chrome browser and clil on the More option (3 vertical dots). Then click on Settings and further launch advanced settings. After that scroll down to Accessibility and click on Caption Preferences. Then you can successfully edit and customise your captions according to your liking.