How To Watch Epix NOW Outside US In 2022

Epix NOW has a wide variety of movies and shows that can be streamed. The content is high quality and premium. 


Epix NOW is owned by Metro Goldwyn Mayor (MGM). It displays perhaps every genre known to humanity. That too at a very low-cost subscription. The most hit shows on Epix NOW are A Quiet Place, Rocketman, Get Shorty, and Pennyworth currently. They keep releasing new titles every month though. 

With over 15 million subscribers already, why wouldn’t MGM open its market to a different sort of audience? 

How To Watch Epix NOW Outside U.S.

It’s been very tough lately for people trying to access Epix NOW from other regions. Geolocation technology easily identifies from where the content is being accessed from. There’s a big issue of rights and because of that, streaming platforms have to follow different rules and regulations for different countries. 


If you really want to watch Epix NOW from outside the States, you need to be located within the allowed region and the same country. Perhaps using a potent VPN is advised. A DNS change in the internet settings might also prove effective. Other similar changes that restrict your location to the U.S., while you’re operating from a different country, must work as well. 


Now that it’s official that some sort of location glitch must be adopted in order to view Epix NOW outside the U.S., the dilemma comes down to some other problems. VPN and DNS are the most common aspects of changing your location. Both of these systems are efficient in their own way. 

However, these systems have some boundaries and drawbacks as well. Streaming providers are now more frequently recognizing accounts using VPN and they disable them as soon as possible. VPN connectivity also holts streaming. It further creates some other unwanted connections during the course that are not inappropriate while streaming your favorite content. 


Although still, VPN is your safest bet alongside a DNS server.