How To Wipe MacBook Air And MacBook Pro – Easy Steps

Whether you want to start fresh with a new installation of the macOS or you’re looking to sell your Mac, wiping out the data is a simple process. You have options to reset your MacBook to default settings which will erase all of your personal data. Or you can just simply erase the laptop drive without combining it with an operating system at all. 


If you’re looking to wipe out your MacBook then you must know that backing up the laptop is important. The wiping out process deletes all personal information of yours stored on the laptop. For example, videos, photos and files. So first make a copy of your data and then start the wipe out. 

How To Back Up MacBook Air? Follow Instructions Below

Before you take any big steps and wipe out all your data, make a secondary copy of your precious data so that you’ll have a replica. Following are the steps on how to backup your MacBook Air with an external storage device. 

1. Set up an external storage device to your MacBook Air’s port and plug it in. 


2. Then open system preferences on your MacBook Air. 

3. Over there you’ll see an option titled “Time Machine”, click on it. Time Machine comes pre-installed on every MacBook. 

4. After you’ve successfully opened Time Machine, you’ll be given two choices; Choose Backup Disc or Select Disc. Opt for either one of them. 


5. Then choose your USB-storage device and click on Use Disc. 

6. After you’ve successfully carried out the aforementioned steps, click on Save and your backup process will be underway. 

The backup process will start within a few minutes after completing the procedure mentioned above. However, if its your first backup then it might take hours to finish. Although it mostly depends on the weightage of data stored on your Mac. 

How To Wipe Out MacBook Air? Follow Instructions Below

Sometimes most of us get exasperated of our current systems and wipe out out laptop to start fresh. Whilst some of us also tend to gift our device or sell it. In order to give your MacBook Air a new look again, follow the below mentioned steps to wipe it out successfully. 

1. To start the process, shut down your Mac from the Apple menu or by pressing and holding the power button on the keyboard. 

2. Once your computer is fully shut down, press and hold the Command + R keys on your keyboard. 

3. Whilst still holding the aforementioned keys, turn on your Mac by pressing the power button simultaneously. 

4. Once the Apple logo or a Spinning Globe appears on the screen, you can then let go off the keys. 

5. The Mac will then take some seconds to enter into Recovery Mode and you can carry on the next process once you see the macOS Utilities window. 

6. After the macOS Utilities window appears on the screen, select reinstall macOS from there. 

7. Then click continue to begin the macOS reinstaller. 

8. During the reinstallation process of your Mac, it will restart many times so don’t get worried. There will also be a progress bar present that will show the estimated time for the reinstallation process.

9. Once the process is completed, your MacBook will boot to the Setup Assistant. It will exactly look like that form in which you first unboxed and started it