Hurricane Ida 2021 Death Toll

Hurricane Ida 2021 was a Category 4 hurricane that wreaked havoc and killed people. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it became the second-most ferocious and destructive hurricane to ever make landfall in the U.S. state of Louisiana. About a million homes and businesses were damaged by power outages, dangerous storm surges, wind damage, and heavy rain.


Timeline Of Hurricane Ida 2021:

● Ida developed on August 23 from a tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea and became the season’s ninth named storm, fourth hurricane, and second major hurricane.

● The wave changed on August 26 into a tropical depression. Eventually organized into Tropical Storm Ida near Grand Cayman. 

● Ida developed as a hurricane on August 27 when it moved through western Cuba in a favorable environment. The hurricane quickly intensified over the Gulf of Mexico the following day, reaching its peak strength as a powerful Category 4 hurricane as it approached the northern Gulf Coast. Its maximum sustained winds were 150 mph and its minimum central pressure was 929 millibars.


● On August 29, the community of Grand Isle destroyed by Hurricane Ida, which made landfall at Port Fourchon, Louisiana.

● Ida gradually lost strength over land. And on August 30 it moved northeast, becoming a tropical depression.

● As Ida sped across the Northeastern United States on September 1. However, it changed from a tropical storm to a post-tropical cyclone, shattering numerous rainfall records in various regions.


● Next day, Ida moved out into the Atlantic. 

● Ida’s leftovers then went into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. And remained there for a few days before being absorbed early on September 5 into another developing low-pressure region.

Hurricane Ida 2021 Death Toll

Hurricane Ida Death Toll:

To comprehend regional variances during Hurricane Ida’s extensive geographic impact, timely data collection and analysis were required. Such as the reasons for deaths and their circumstances, and direct public health messaging to encourage action. However, the CDC’s Epidemiology Surveillance Task Force launched media mortality surveillance in response to the disaster to monitor internet reports of fatalities caused by Hurricane Ida. They began employing standardized key search phrases from an internal SOP that describes surveillance techniques. The information from the indicated sources, such as news stories, press releases, and social media posts collected. And coded by team members and entered into a database. To give situational awareness and inform messaging. The acquired data then examined. With the results shared with emergency response leadership and health communicators.

Total Deaths And Related Facts:

On September 9, 2021, 91 hurricane Ida-related deaths were recorded throughout nine states by the media. The Northeast saw 56 of those. 29 of the 71 deceased people with known ages were under 65. According to the cause of death, drowning was the main cause of death for most people in the Northeast. Four recorded deaths were due to the workplace or the emergency response, both of which were related to labor. The top three causes of mortality were connected motor vehicle accidents, drowning, and generator or power outages.