I Alone Can Fix It: Book Review

I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year is a non-fiction work composed by Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker. The book was published in 2021 by Penguin Press 2021 and was a New York Times bestseller. It Alone Can Fix It is the sequel to the authors’ other books, A Very Stable Genius, and covers Donald Trump’s last year in office as president of the United States written in 2022.


What does the book tell?

The full story of the events happened in the White House during a disastrous year “2020”, has not been revealed in its entirety. What was happening in the White House around Trump when the government could not stop the coronavirus. Because of that more than half a million Americans died? Who was behind Trump’s refusal to concede an election that he had lost. Then he propagated lies about fraud in the election? To answer this question, Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig expose the bumbling and dysfunctional inner workings of the presidency in unprecedented incredible depth.

The writers concentrated exclusively on Trump and the important individuals around him. The doctors, the generals, senior advisors, and Trump family members! Rucker and Leonnig give an in-depth look at the most devastating year of an administration unlike any other. This book has sourced-backed proof of every time Trump put his advantage ahead of the nation’s best interests. The historical evidence they have provided relates to the tale of him looking to send troops into American streets. In order to stop the protests following the murder of George Floyd. All to increase his strong image in the lead-up to the election. They witnessed firsthand the president’s refusal to take the coronavirus threat seriously to allow himself and those close to him to become infected.

I Alone Can Fix it: An Exposé 

This is a story of a nation sabotaged economically, medically, and politically by its leader. It culminated with a groundbreaking, minute-by-minute account of what went on in the Capitol building on January 6. As Trump’s supporters so easily breached the most sacred halls of American democracy. Moreover, how the president reacted. With unrivaled access to the president, Rucker and Leonnig layout and revealed exactly who facilitated and stopped Trump as he tried to keep his presidency.


I Alone Can Fix It is a classic, heart-throbbing work of investigative reporting. There is no doubt many historians and citizen will read this great book for many years.