I Am the Real One Protagonist

Actually I Am the Real One Protagonist

The fantasy, romance, and reincarnation genres are all covered in the Korean web novel I Am the Real One, which was eventually turned into a manhwa. This article, another name for it is “Actually I Am the Real One Protagonist.” We’ll discuss the storyline and the lead character, KeiraParvis.


What Is It About:

 It is a coming-of-age romance tale with a cute female protagonist who has never made friends. Keira made every effort to be the ideal, obedient daughter to win her father’s affection. However, Cosette shows up one day claiming to be his true daughter, and Kiera is put to death because she is a fake. Cosette says to Kiera in her dying breath, “Truthfully, you were the genuine one.” When Kiera thinks of those words, she goes back in time. Even while getting even is crucial, does it matter who is a phony and who is a real person? I’ll live my life freely for myself now that I have one once more.

KeiraParvis, The Protagonist:

I Am the Real One’s protagonist and aspiring Elementalist is KeiraParvis. However, KeiraParvis was wrongfully put to death by her father, Ludwig Parvis, after being accused of being a phony and of fooling the entire empire. Having been given a second opportunity in her new life, she must do as her heart tells her to do while also taking down Cosette Weinberg, her half-sister, to survive and save humanity.

KeiraParvis, The Protagonist

What Does She Look Like?

Keira is seen with brilliant purple eyes that readily stand out, long, hip-length black hair, and bangs that follow it. Although she frequently wore a grim expression, she is especially stunning now that she is smiling. She has traits from her mother, leading some to speculate that she is not the Grand Duke’s biological child. Keira frequently dresses in flashy outfits. Additionally, she frequently wears a knight’s uniform when doing her duties as the Captain of the Parvis Knights.


The Personality Of Keira:

Keira was born with the job of the world’s rescuer but developed into a dignified, graceful, and wise person. She is calculating and smart, and can quickly foil Cosette Weinberg’s plans. She is very fast and athletic. she can leap off a two-story building with ease. Many dreaded her due to rumors that she was distant and snobbish. Despite the misunderstanding, Keira has a sweet and lively side that comes out when she’s at ease, going through soothing feelings, or when she’s not sober.

Story Of Her Life:

The Parvis Family’s firstborn child was Keira. She grew up a modest and truthful lady for one reason only to win her father’s love. She naturally desired love from her father, Ludwig Parvis, because she had lost her mother at an early age. Keira began taking classes earlier than everybody else and worked extremely hard to become the faultless, ideal person. Keira heard praise from every room in the mansion, but the person she wanted to impress didn’t pay attention to her.

Two years later, Cosette demonstrated the capacity to speak with the dead, establishing her status as a Parvis Family daughter. Keira was immediately taken away and imprisoned before being killed. She got a second chance at life. Keira ceased expecting anything from her father in this life. She intended to get ready for the future and escape when the chance arises itself.