In A Confession Notebook, Brian Laundrie Says That Killing Gabby Petito Was “Merciful.”

In a diary, Brian Laundrie left in the Florida swamp where he committed suicide. He confessed to killing his girlfriend Gabby Petito. But According to a report, Brian Laundrie thought it was an expression of “Mercy.”


According to News, he says in the message, which was found by the FBI in October, “I ended her life.” Brian describes how he and Petito were running back to their RV on a Wyoming campground as darkness fell when Petito slipped while crossing a stream in what reads like a romanticized fantasy of a mercy killing. Brian Laundrie wrote, “I hear a splash and a scream.” “I found her gasping for my name and heavy breathing.”

He wrote, “I took her life because I felt it was merciful and what she desired. However, he expressed regret to her family and begged. Whoever the letter address to make things more difficult for his family, who he said had lost a son and in Petito a daughter. He claimed that he was taking his own life because he was unable to live without Petito and not out of fear of being punished. Moreover, He ended with a self-satisfied aside in which he requested that the finder of the letter pick up his belongings. “Gabby hated people who litter.” However, he stated that after killing her, he immediately regretted it. From the moment I made up my mind to relieve her pain, I knew I couldn’t live on without her.

I couldn't live on without her

Petito Vanished And Only Laundrie Heard His Last Words

During a cross-country trip with Brian Laundrie in the summer of 2021, Petito, 22, vanished and only Laundrie heard his last words. On September 1, He arrived at his family’s Florida residence with the van that had been equipped for the couple to live in, but without Petito. He hired a lawyer, remained silent, and then vanished. Petito’s family was trying to locate her in the meantime.


A witness in Moab, Utah, reportedly called the police after witnessing Petito and Laundrie engaged in physical violence a few weeks before Laundrie went back to his parent’s home. This information came to the limelight during the search for Petito. In Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, Petito discovers dead three weeks after Laundrie arrived in Florida. Her death attributes to “manual strangulation with blunt force injuries to the head and neck,” according to the authorities.

Petito’s parents blamed Laundrie’s parents in March. Saying they were aware of their son’s murder but refused to tell anybody where Petito was. The Tampa FBI declined to comment on what was written in the notebook through a reporter. It was impossible to get in touch with the families of Petito and Laundrie’s lawyers right away for a response.