Invention Ideas To Become A Millionaire

Todays world has reported a rapid growth in the technology sector. Some of the worthy mentions can be smartphones, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. By the looks of it, the technology sector is expected to expand more and grow globally. However, here are 4 invention ideas that can shape a brilliant future for us. 


Cars That Drive On Their Own

Its not something entirely new to todays era but there lies a complication. Tesla does provide an auto-pilot system but its intricacy causes confusion every now and then amongst the drivers. Carmakers have to get the cards right and make self-driving cars for the upcoming future. Cars that allow drivers to sit entirely free of burden and worry. 

Voice Controlled Homes

Many technologies have hinter towards a smart home in the past couple of years. Electronic devices such as smartphones already possess technologies that allow people to function them through their voice. Some might argue that assistants like Alexa already make life easier at various households however, we need something more carefree for the upcoming future. Alexa allows one to only control few parts of a household and not the entire house itself. 

Emotional Artificial Intelligence 

Well the concept behind artificial intelligence (AI) is to enable abilities that actual humans perform. Also, nowadays we come into contact with AI in many aspects. However, emotional AI is head and shoulders above the current AI technology. It will take information from voices and faces to evaluate actual human body languages. 



Not a unique field currently as many tech giants are already progressing in this department. For instance, NASA has made and developed many robots in the past couple of years that they have then sent to space. Each shape, size and weight has been taken into account by NASA. Robots have also taken over many everyday tasks that most find boring. So the future is fully filled with robots in it. 

What Inventions Have Not Been Invented Yet?

Even in a world full of technology everywhere, there remain some things that haven’t been taken into account by many tech giants. The field of technology is as vast as it comes and its the most rapidly growing industry for a reason. Following are some of the inventions that haven’t been made yet. 

  • Animal Language Translator
  • Flying Cars
  • Fog Resistant Glasses
  • Hoverboards
  • Washing Machine That Folds Clothes

Newest Invention In 2022?

3D printing has to be the most expanded invention of the year 2022. 3D printing has been there for some years but wasn’t fully adopted by many. However it seems like that this year is the groundbreaking year for this invention. 3D printing is a field that also makes room for many job opportunities. For instance, 3D printer engineer and AI engineer.