Jamie Lee Curtis Takes Home, First Oscar, For Outstanding Supporting Actress Performance

Jamie Lee Curtis Takes Home, First Oscar


Jamie Lee Curtis won the Oscar Award for the supporting role in the “Everything Everything All at Once” movie after winning the tight three-way race. The actress won the Oscar Award at the 95th Academy Awards on the Sunday Night Award Show. She pulled two actresses who is Angela Bassett and Kerry Condon.


The three actresses Jamie, Bassett, and Kerry are winning all the seasons. Angela Bassett looks favorite for this award initially. After she picks victories at the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards. On the other hand, Kerry Condon won an award from the British Voting body BAFTA. During all this, Jamie Lee Curtis achieves victory at the Seven Actors Guild Awards.

Jamie Curtis Speech:

After receiving the Oscar award, Jamie start her acceptance speech in which she thanked all the people who helped in her career and support her by shouting. She said, “We won the Oscar Award Together and yes we did it finally”.

Jamie start her Hollywood career as a scream queen in the Halloween franchise before she introduces to the bombshell roles in “True Lies” and “Trading Places”. But Jamie play a great role in this movie which get her to receive the Oscar Award.


Jamie Curtis’s Parents:

The 64 years successful actress is the daughter of the actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Her parents are both nominated for Oscar Awards many times but they didn’t win it. “I am connected to the legacy of my parents and I am continuing their work as my work”. She further said that the last month the Times is very powerful for her.

At Sunday Awards, she passionately asked the audience to settle down so that I can perfectly deliver my speech. She pointed to the president of the Academy Award and said I have 45 minutes to deliver my speech and I am pretty sure that I will do it well. Because I promised Janet Yang and I know I am a good girl.


Jamie Lee Curtis won the Oscar Award for her supporting role in the movie which was named “Everything Everything All at Once”. She won the three-way race along with the Oscar. Except for the Oscar Award, Jamie also won the Screen Actors Guild Award. She gave an emotional speech on the stage and thanked the people who support her to win this Award.


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