Jordan Peterson On The Joe Rogan Experience

The American comedian, presenter, and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is the host of the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. It was one of the most widely-listened-to podcasts in the world, with millions of views per episode regularly. The majority of episodes include comedians, UFC fighters, professors, entertainers, and other non-political personalities. A recent trend among listeners has been their interest in his podcasts with Jordan Peterson.


Why Is The Podcast Catching Attention?

Both Joe Rogan’s and Jordan Peterson’s work have a hypnotic aspect that draws you in. It is Rogan’s voice, after all. A murmur that is mild, inquisitive, and always willing to believe while discussing difficult concepts. Fans of the sport can truly enjoy watching Rogan analyze a mixed martial arts match. It’s like listening to a close buddy nerd out over something they’re interested in. Peterson’s musical fortune is less favorable. He speaks like a freshman philosophy major Kermit the Frog. However, he also exudes the same gentle confidence in his own words that can make virtually any subject appear interesting.

The only issue is that Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan are two of the most stupid people on the planet. The self-help book and the immensely popular podcast host share a similar core audience of disenchanted young men. Thus their careers have frequently crossed paths and thrived upon one another. Although they covered a wide range of issues, almost all of them were incredibly foolish, if not incomprehensible.

Dumb Takes By Jordan Peterson

Here are some of Peterson’s craziest and most ridiculous moments from his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.


Michael Eric Dyson Is Not Black:

Academic Michael Eric Dyson, according to Peterson, is not black. When talking about Dyson, Peterson said: “Actually, I’m white, so that’s a lie as well. I have a slight tan. And although he appeared black, he was sort of brown. In response, Rogan said: “You are tan, so what am I? I am darker than you. That is absurd. “Neither of us is white,” Peterson continued, adding that Dyson “was brown, not Black.”

The Poor Are Not Resource-Efficient:

According to Peterson, Making poor people as rich as possible is the quickest way to achieve a sustainable society since their top concern is providing for their families, which prevents them from being “resource-efficient.” But more crucially, he continued, “when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from daily, you’re not paying attention to the larger ecosystem around you.

The Climate Is Not Real Jordan Peterson:

In an episode, Peterson tells Rogan that “climate” doesn’t exist. Climate change advocates irritate him since “climate” and “everything” are the same word, he claimed.


Solar Energy Kills People:

According to Peterson, more people die each year from solar energy than from nuclear power, says Rogan. When the presenter challenges this, Peterson continues: “When installing solar, you fall off the roof, which is how you die from it. That is both gravity and a perfect illustration of unforeseen consequences.”