Kardashian-Jenners Defamation Case Against Blac Chyna Is Unsuccessful

In her evidence on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian said she had no recollection of attempting to destroy the reality show. Starred her brother Rob Kardashian and his then-girlfriend Blac Chyna. However, she stated that after learning that Chyna had harmed her brother. She had demanded that she be removed from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Kardashian justified her decision to not work with Chyna by saying, “I will not go into a terrible work environment.” “I have the right to do that on my show.”


In a legal trial, Chyna alleges that Kardashian and three other family members defamed her. And persuaded producers and the E! network to cancel the spinoff series “Rob & Chyna.” Kardashian testified for an hour in the Los Angeles courtroom.

Her testimony was generally unremarkable because she frequently said, “I don’t remember.” However, she made a splash when she entered the witness stand dressed in a dark gray pinstriped suit and white sneakers because she was by far the biggest celebrity to testify in a trial full of celebrities. Several reporters rushed out of the courtroom as soon as she stepped down to file stories.

Claims That Kim Kardashian Harmed Blac Chyna’s Career Have Rejected

According to documents acquired by Page Six, the 41-year-old made “no statement” that could be considered “defamatory” about brother Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend. The court went on to say that there is “no evidence” to back up Kim’s claim. She was “responsible” for Chyna’s show “Rob & Chyna” stopping.

Claims That Kim Kardashian Harmed Blac Chyna's Career Have Rejected

Kim, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Kris Jenner each charge by Chyna’s legal team with playing a “responsible party” in her defamation. However, Kim came under criticism after texting Benim-Murray, the producers of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, to tell them she wouldn’t continue filming as long as Chyna was there. Kim said that there was tension between Rob and the reality star and that she couldn’t bear to see her brother suffer.

In every case, Kardashian claimed not to have sent them but admitted their likely truth. I don’t recall sending any texts this morning, Kardashian claimed.

In response to seeing one text exchange, a lengthy conversation with a producer from Bunim Murray. The production company that created both shows, Kardashian said, “This sounds like something I would say.” She expressed her frustration in it about the possibility that Chyna would still shot for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” on which she occasionally appeared with her show.


Moreover, The recipient, Amanda Weinstein, didn’t work on “Rob & Chyna,” she continued. Kim Kardashian claimed that the text exchange showed that she and her family did not influence the final decisions made by the network and producers regarding the shows. One text message reads, “No one respects us, no one listens to us.”